Ŧry, apprecíate, choose

The best way to perfume yourself is your own. It’s the only way! So, your dream perfume, that smells a bit like this, with a touch of that, that brings back sweet memories: it’s up to you to find it! At Senteurs d’Ailleurs, we will advise you and help you find that ideal fragrance, the one that suits you. The perfume that will accompany you for a season… Or for a lifetime.


At a time when perfumes are reproduced spontaneously, the choice is often difficult. We want something light but persistent. Original but classic, nonetheless. Voluptuous but not heady.In short, we want one thing and another. We have decided to do all we can to help you find the perfume that suits you best.

We are offering the ‘discovery’ experience in a pretty box containing five samples of original perfumes. The true novelty is that you choose the perfumes (from a chosen selection) you would like to discover and try before purchasing them. In this way, you’ll own fragrances that are often rare and precious in small sample spray bottles (2 ml).

Each ‘Samples Box’ comprises five 2 ml perfume samples, 15 blotters (paper strips to test the perfumes) and a voucher for €25, valid for the purchase of a bottle of perfume (at least 100 ml)* among the samples in the box.

*if the 100ml version does not exist, then the 50ml version can be ordered

Personalised box

Compose your own ‘Discovery’ box by choosing five fragrances. Try, appreciate, and choose the perfume you prefer. This way you’ll be sure of your choice before you purchase online.

The personalised 'Box' would also make a nice gift for a loved one. An original, olfactive, made-to-measure ‘journey’, presented in an elegant box with a personalised card.

A three-step discovery:

  • 1

    Choose the five fragrances you would like to include in your box.

  • 2

    Try, smell, wear and choose the perfume that you prefer.

  • 3

    Order your preferred perfume online (100 ml minimum) and get €25 off thanks to the coupon included in the box.

I compose my box

Themed box

The Senteurs d’Ailleurs team will choose five fragrances for you to discover based on the following themes: men, women, unisex fragrances, original accords of the moment, seasonal selection, etc.

A ‘Discovery’ box that changes depending on the season, on what’s new, on our imagination and our will to draw you to new fragrances.

A four-step discovery:

  • 1

    Add the ‘discovery’ box to your basket.

  • 2

    Receive your order, test, smell, try the perfumes directly on your skin or by using the strips provided.

  • 3

    Order the fragrance that you prefer online and get €25 off thanks to the coupon included in the box.

  • 4

    Add a gift card and offer it to someone close to you.

Box unisex

Boosted with charm, novelty and positive energy, the new perfumes have the scent of current trends. And the current trend is masculine/feminine, without, or with the least possible distancing between him and her.

L'Eau de l'Artisan - Eau de Toilette
Ninfeo Mio - Eau de Toilette Vaporisateur
Gypsy Water - Eau de Parfum
Couleur Primaire - Eau de parfum
Victrix - Eau de Parfum
Box for him

With modernity, spirit and vivacity, these masculine fragrances lead us by the nose. Fully masculine or frankly androgynous, they have a knack for making flowers, barks and spices speak for themselves against a backdrop of tangy citrus and invigorating freshness.

Amyris Homme - Eau de Toilette
L'Etrog - Eau de Parfum
Menthe Fraîche - Eau de Parfum
Eau de Minthé Eau de Parfum
27 - Limanakia - Eau de Parfum
Box for her

Real women’s perfumes, languorous and caressing, tenacious but not excessively, subtle. Disturbing in the extreme, they are worn against the skin, like silk or cashmere, playing the troublemaker.

Memoire d'une Palmeraie 08 - Eau de Parfum
Divin'Enfant - Eau de Parfum
Heliotrope - Eau de Toilette
Solar Blossom
Lys Méditerranée