Taking care of your beard: quite an art!

Emblem of virility but also of masculine style, whether it is incipient, short or long, the beard requires more than an occasional razor stroke to magnify the face of the person who wears it.

The barber, the modern man's best friend

Without dissipating the singularity or uniqueness of the face, the beard reveals an intense part of the male facial identity and maintaining it has become a proven ritual that everyone likes to perfect day after day with infallible products to sublimate the hair.

Whatever the beard style, it is important to have a perfectly drawn beard outline and a clean, linear line to keep a refined look in the "Dandy-chic" spirit. Go to the barber, he will trim your beard and moustache according to the rules of the trade. Afterwards, it will be easier for you to maintain your beard by refreshing the razor pattern.

Shampoo and mask

The use of a shampoo and a mask is essential in order to sublimate the beard. Even more than hair, the beard is exposed to multiple bacteria. Washing it regularly keeps the skin clean and free of imperfections, which helps reduce skin irritation. As for the mask, it will nourish the hair but also the skin, which will reduce any feeling of tightness and itching.

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Tom Ford
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Hydration and shine

The beard is made up of rougher hairs, they are hard and can also be unpleasant to the touch. In order to make the hair silky, harmonious and to nourish the epidermis, it is advisable to use a hint of beard oil or balm to be gently massaged over the entire beard each time you get out of the shower.

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Oil, gel or shaving cream?

The dilemma! Shaving oil prepares the skin for the razor blade, making it more supple and slippery. It will soften the hair, which will give way more smoothly. Unlike shaving cream, and thanks to its translucent nature, each razor stroke is visible and precision is required.

Shaving gel is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Refreshing in texture, it generally contains a protective film and antibacterial agents. These help protect the skin from allergies and irritations.

Finally, the shaving cream, thanks to its silky, fluffy texture, spreads easily. It softens the hair to protect you from razor burn and provides a much appreciated moisturizing effect throughout the day.

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A daily comb stroke

Brushing your beard regularly with a specially designed comb will soften, shine, detangle and lavish the sebum from the roots to the tips, this being an excellent natural care. This daily ritual will also remove flaking skin under the beard.

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Our advice

For a smoother shave, we recommend shaving when you get out of the shower. Your pores will be dilated and this will reduce irritation. It is also advisable to change the blades regularly for optimal efficiency, comfort and hygiene. Finally, to fight against ingrown hairs, we recommend exfoliating the skin with a soft exfoliating scrub, this will help the hair to come out.

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