Woody perfumes... Not just for men!

We know that the choice of a fragrance is important. For many, it is often evocative of memories, of meaning, it reflects us, appeals to our emotional side... It is even sometimes said to be the reflection of our soul...

We don't choose a perfume at random... Choosing a perfume is therefore part of a whole emotional process and must be done carefully and according to the rules of the art...

We're going to look at the power of woody fragrances. A real new trend, we notice that the number of woody fragrances worn by women is constantly increasing.

Why this gradual change, and especially why are women attracted to this kind of fragrance today? Our expert Pablo, enlightens us thanks to his years of experience and exchange with our customers... " With woody fragrances, women are moving away from classic scents and asserting themselves thanks to the warmth and character they bring. »

The history of woody perfumes...

Woody fragrances appeared in the 1940s. Initially dedicated to men's scents, they were endowed with a strong and powerful character giving elegance to men. In 1992, the first women's fragrance appeared with "Féminité du bois" by French designer Serge Lutens.

"Putting the masculine in feminine or the masculine in feminine (...) " Serge Lutens

A perfume is no longer dedicated to a particular genre, each perfume is unisex and is chosen meticulously by the wearer.

"Angéliques sous la pluie" Frédéric Malle
"Bal d'Afrique" Byredo

The main components of a woody fragrance

Woody fragrances have an elegant, sensual and mysterious character. As their name suggests, they are composed essentially of woody base notes such as cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, ... We can also mention Patchouli, the secret ingredient of oriental fragrances!

Our top 5

Here are our top 5 best-selling unisex woody fragrances for women:

1. "Féminité du bois" Serge Lutens

A true source of inspiration created by Serge Lutens, this masterpiece of perfumery marks a real turning point. Composed mainly of cedar wood, this is the first fragrance to contain so much of it, it was a record! A floral and fruity accord is also added, enhanced with warm and sweet spices. This first unisex woody-oriental scent takes us on a journey towards new olfactory emotions.

Top notes: cedar, cinnamon, plum and peach.

Heart notes: Clove, Ylang-Ylang, Violet, African Orange Blossom, Ginger, Rose

Base notes: vanilla, musk, sandalwood

2. "Tam Dao" Diptyque

Evokes the memory of the sacred forests of Indochina where sandalwood was burned in the temples. This fragrance is created from the essence of sandalwood, softer than cedar, and renowned for its sensual and delicate scent. From the opening notes, the wood is very present, but the scent then tends towards a sweet note with a peppery, rosy touch.

Top notes: Rose, Cypress, Myrtle

Heart notes: sandalwood, cedar

Base notes: spices, Amber, White Musk, Rosewood

3. "Bal d'Afrique" Byredo

Woody oriental fragrance used by both men and women. Vetiver inspired by the Paris of the 1920s and its roaring twenties. Made of a unique and vibrant blend of the Parisian avant-garde and African culture. This unique fragrance combines Neroli, African tagete and Moroccan cedar wood to represent the excesses and euphoria of the Roaring Twenties.

Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Neroli, African Tagetes, Bucchu.

Heart notes: Violet, Jasmine petals, Cyclamen.

Base notes: Black Amber, Musk, Vetiver, Moroccan Cedar.

4. "Mémoire d'une Palmeraie 02" FO'AH

THE emblematic fragrance of the "Mémoire d'une palmeraie" collection! This perfume finds its origin in the heart of the Oases where the travellers of the Silk Road used to gather. Inspired by the wind in a palm grove, it represents the scent of the Palm captured at the moment of flowering.

Top note: Palm note, Juniper Bay

Heart Note: Siberian Pine, Georgian Cedar

Base notes : Incense, Musks

5. "Angéliques sous la Pluie " Frédéric Malle

A fresh and light fragrance for summer! Evoking a bouquet of angelica picked after the rain, this fragrance blends perfectly with the wearer's skin. Composed of spicy and invigorating notes, this composition rests on a base of musk and cedar.

Top notes: rose berries, black pepper.

Heart notes: Angelica, Coriander, Hedione.

Base notes: Cedar, White Musk.

So ladies, assert yourselves and dare the woody!

Don't hesitate to come to the boutique to discover more and ask our salesmen about the different fragrances. They will find THE fragrance that matches your personality. 

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