HADI KAMOUH, founder and creator for CLYDE For Men

Hadi Kamouh certainly has the entrepreneurial spirit! He has just created a new collection of phyto-cosmetology skincare products for men: Clyde for Men.

Son parcours

It should be noted that this Belgian-Lebanese individual - who has just turned 50 - already has quite a lot under his belt. After graduating from the Solvay Business School (ULB), followed by a master's degree in entrepreneurship from Babson College Boston, he began his career between Brussels and Paris working for L'Oréal, where he was responsible for the L'Oréal Paris. Twelve years later, he joined LVMH as director of Dior perfumes for the Middle East, based in Dubai. In 2012 he was hired by Club Med as CEO for Belgium and Luxembourg. He would then go on to work at Degroof Petercam to give the private bank a new brand identity. In 2020 he started his own business, became an entrepreneurial consultant, and the idea of creating his own line of skincare products for men began to occupy his thoughts. Why?

Hadi Kamouh: I’ve always been involved in managing prestigious brands that make people dream, and I love innovation and change. I started my career in the beauty industry and stayed very connected to it. So, when I decided to create my own line of skincare products, created for men by a man (rather than an offshoot of a leading women's brand, as is almost always the case), I wanted to do it well, very well even, and took the necessary steps to do so. I enlisted the help of Belgian experts specialising in organic cosmetics - more than a year's work! - to design specific, certified organic products, gentle on the skin but also on the environment, and formulated with 99% natural, vegan, cruelty-free, non-inflammatory and hypoallergenic tested ingredients. Cosmetics that not only take care of us but also the planet!

Your inspiration?

Clyde for Men gets its inspiration from the vital energy of plants and their potential to regenerate. The products I wanted to create offer a feel-good routine that combines all the essentials for sublime skin using a minimum number of products. They are built around the key elements in men’s facial care: soothing, moisturising, cleansing, protecting, firming (especially around the eyes) and fighting the signs of ageing. In short, the essentials for men's skin.

What is so particular about men's skin?

It is generally firmer and more robust than women's skin, but, paradoxically, often more sensitive (due to shaving). Under the influence of testosterone, in particular, our skin is oilier because it produces more sebum. It is also thicker, and its pores are more dilated. It therefore has its own needs and specific problems that require specific cosmetic formulations. Hence the choice of ultra-light, fresh, non-sticky, pleasant to wear and unscented textures. Simple and effective care products that meet the needs of all skin types, including the most sensitive.

It seems like you are riding the ‘clean beauty’ wave.


Clyde For Men offers clean compositions, with no harmful ingredients.

No more, no less. You will never find silicones, parabens, phenoxyethanol, sulphates, PEG, alcohol, or other solvents in our products. The same goes for the packaging: a simple design, nothing superfluous. Do we need to mention that our packaging is recyclable, and the boxes are made of FSC-approved cardboard. All our products are certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard; these labels guarantee production and transformation processes that do not harm nature or people. Not to mention that our production is local, based in the Ardennes. Our production is 100% Belgian, and we are proud to be the first Belgian brand of natural care products for men. I also made sure the products were reasonably priced, between 30 and 50 euros.

So, Clyde for Men currently comprises four care products that can be combined for two simple, daily routines, as needed.

Exactly. An Anti-dark Circle Serum (15 ml), made with aloe vera and cedar bark extract which has strong decongesting properties. It comes in a small ‘stick’ with a massaging roller applicator that brings a sense of freshness and comfort. An Anti-age Eye Contour treatment (15 ml) made with aloe vera and silk tree bark (Albizia Julibrissin). A Soothing Moisturising Face Care gel (50 ml) with aloe vera and naturally sourced hyaluronic acid. And an Anti-ageing Face Care containing Scots pine and blackcurrant leaf extracts that effectively fight the signs of ageing. The products are also available in care kits. A ‘Starter Kit’ (anti-dark circle serum and soothing moisturising face care), which delivers a feel-good boost, regardless of skin tone. And the ‘Anti-Ageing Kit’ (eye contour care and anti-ageing face care), to be applied when the first signs of ageing appear, to moisturise and give the skin a new lease of life. Your products are on sale at Senteurs d’Ailleurs. Why this choice? They are neither ‘mass market’ nor luxury products. They are high-end, premium organic products. Therefore, their value is not to be undercut. Hence the choice of a selective distribution channel. Furthermore, at Senteurs D'Ailleurs, the customer receives excellent advice. This is a plus.

I understand that Clyde for Men is also a socially conscious brand.

Yes. We participate in the ‘1% for the Planet’ scheme. This means that we donate 1% of our revenue to environmental causes. And for the near future... Clyde For Men does not intend to stop there and will release new products. A new collection will focus on shaving, face and body cleansing, and hair care. clydeformen.com

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