Meet the team, Raphaël


How would you define your approach to cosmetics?


My mission and my main objective are to maximize the potential for wellbeing of my clients, by listening to them and developing a care routine adapted to their needs.

To do so, I wish to offer them a human approach coupled with a sharp research that best corresponds to their ethics and consumer philosophies.


For me, it is essential to put the human being in a true place of honor. And all this thanks to a holistic approach, an attentive listening, which allows the consideration of their expectations, so that they grant themselves more confidence and gentleness towards themselves...

Why did you choose cosmetics?


After having obtained a degree in International Marketing and Event Management and having spent a few years in the medical sector, I realized that I felt a real attraction to find real human contacts and exchanges, which are the very essence of life. I then decided, at the age of 30, to resume my studies in Cosmetics at the European School of Aesthetics. So here I am a few years later, working in this profession where I am still learning every day and where I feel at my place and fulfilled. A true revelation. And I think I transmit this through my beauty advice.

What are your passions?


I have been passionate about photography for many years, the magic of being able to capture and immortalize moments of life, landscapes, street art images, real moments inviting to daydreaming or reflection, to share emotions and feelings.


The kitchen has always attracted me as well... this impulse of sharing and pure love, of giving oneself. The colorful dishes, the mix of spices, the flavors that invite us to travel ... A real pleasure to share without limits!


The world of Niche Cosmetics fascinates me enormously!

Recovering efficiency and that sometimes lost feeling of "better" buying and consuming which remains and will always remain as precious and important to me.


Finally, the journey which according to my feelings remains the school of life! Always learning more about the cultures that surround us, that nourish the spirit, is fundamental for me. To find again this so precious and vital connection with our dear mother nature.


A small  word for the end?


I will be very happy to welcome you in our Haute Cosmétique Boutique to help you discover our unique and exciting Beauty

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