The brand

One of the very few perfume houses launched by a Master Perfumer under his own name.
Jean-Michel Duriez, nose and artist, is committed.

His creations are part of a contemporary classicism. Rigor and instinct, subtlety and signature: the elegance of fragrances signed Jean-Michel Duriez lies in these delicate paradoxes.

To this day, the House of JMD offers 3 collections exploring 3 emotional visions of perfume.
The most recent, the W/OOD collection, is a purist and authentic act: letting the raw material move us while transforming it as little as possible.


Jean-Michel Duriez likes to build olfactory emotions, carved out of the most beautiful raw materials. Emotions stimulate him, stimuli inspire him.
Jean-Michel Duriez explores the power of perfume well beyond olfaction, he knows that perfume is aimed at the intimate being.
According to him, he doesn’t create perfumes, he makes memories.

Jean-Michel Duriez only works with the best ingredients, which he uses in an optimal concentration for each creation.
He attaches a great importance to the quality of his raw materials. They play the leading role in the great architecture of his fragrances. This quest for excellence is his daily driving force.

The creator, Jean-Michel Duriez

A precocious nose... Very young, he has concocted mixtures of mint and rose petals picked in the family garden and makes a case of fragrances that he takes everywhere.
Year after year, he cultivates this fine sensibility, an emotional relationship with perfume that naturally leads him to his profession: perfume composer.

In 1986, Jean-Michel Duriez became a "nose". He was the perfumer of the house Jean Patou, then of Rochas perfumes.
He created many perfumes for Jean Patou, Yohji Yamamoto, Lacoste, Escada, Dolce & Gabbana and Rochas. He became Master Perfumer by training 2 young perfumers, for the love of transmission.

In 2016, after 30 years working for major houses, he decided to take the plunge and launch his own perfume house.
The House of Jean-Michel Duriez Paris was born in December 2016 and proposes creations rich in emotion, made with the finest raw materials.

His love of the profession can be summed up in this simple sentence: "Perfume is a fluid emotion, our lives vibrate with its waves. ».