The brand

Founded in 1827 by François-Étienne Violet, the Violet House has marked the French industry of perfumery and cosmetics. Holder of several patents, the company obtained various awards during its existence that accentuated its reputation.
Based in Paris and at different addresses, Violet was especially famous for the 12 Boulevard des Capucines. It did not take long for the brand to distinguish itself from the competition.
After many years of economic health, history tainted the balance of the company, leading to its long sleep around 1955.
It took until 2015 and 3 young men to pick up where to story was left.

It was on the benches of the Ecole Supérieure du Parfum that Anthony, Paul and Victorien, decided to restore an old French perfumery.
Becoming the successors of Violet, these 3 creators have set to work on the renaissance of this forgotten name.
Friends and colleagues, their complementary characters have made it possible to rebuild a modern brand while respecting the traditional past.


This is the tail of a power lost in the meanders of the past, torn by time and its revolutions. A mysterious ending that made thr name fall asleep for over 60 years. This story is our heritage.
It vibrates in us, with each decision, each intention, we look back to it. We learn to respect yesterday to build a better tomorrow. This heritage is ours, it’s yours. It’s the one of Violet.

For Violet, buying a bottle shouldn’t be a banality. For Maison Violet, the perfume has an aura, a part of herself. It has the power to open up a discussion and leave a sparkling trail when it’s far away.
A perfume travels through time and space. It shows all that eye can’t see, tells what words can’t explain, caresses what the body can’t embrace and defines the indefinable. The perfume is a speech, an act of sharing.

The creators

Anthony Toulemonde:

Curious by choice and a dreamer by nature, Anthony has wandered around, nose to the sky, until he crossed path with the world of perfumery.
Amazed by this figurative world of sensation, he saw the opportunity to express himself differently. At the Ecole Supérieure du Parfum, he was quickly bitten by the rich and expressive accents of vintage fragrances. It was then that he met Paul and Victorien, with whom he shared the vintage virus.
Restoring Violet was an evidence to him. It was the means to give pride of place to quality materials and historic perfumery while letting loose his spirit, hungry for freedom.

Paul Richardot:

Literary by nature, Paul was initially intended for a career in law. He decided to enter the perfume industry after a first year at the law faculty.
At the École Supérieure du Parfum, it was his passion for letters that drove him to transcribe the invisible in words. In love with this new way of expressing himself, he was able to flourish fully in this way.
Restoring Violet was for him the best way to combine writing and perfumes, and above all a great way to transcribe Anthony’s, Victorien’s and his creative intentions.

Victorien Sirot:

Passionated by the world of smells and flavors, it was during his third internship, in a prestigious perfume house, that his appetite naturally turned towards perfumery.
By diving his nose into raw materials, Victorien was fascinated by the feelings felt and the memories recalled.
The mysterious nature of this industry drove him back into childhood, when his thirst for learning seemed boundless. Restoring Violet was for him the way to transcribe his emotions through creations.

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