The brand

A perfume is a time capsule.

It can invoke our most intimate memories and dreams, and open the doors to a distant world. Created by an architect spécialisé in historical preservation, Arquiste is a collection of fragrances that transports the wearer into the past. "Carlos Huber, creator of the brand.

The House of Arquiste is, above all, meticulous research, the use of authentic raw materials and artisanal work methods mixed with rare ingredients. Each fragrance restores the olfactory experience of a time and place, allowing men and women to open up and let themselves be transported by the senses in an intimate way.


A link between History, Architecture and Perfume...

Architectural history has the particularity of transporting us physically into the past, allowing us to understand its meaning. In a synesthetic experience of architecture, what we feel and smell is just as important as what we see. In essence, architecture is experience.

For Arquiste, the research carried out for the creation of a fragrance inspired by real-life experiences is just as complete as the research that leads to the restoration of an old building. Under construction, the clues justify the structure.

Through the meticulous search for authentic sources, the analysis of a specific time and place begins. Through the study of building materials, the literary history of the place and the site itself, the olfactory experience becomes more understandable.

Arquiste wishes to interpret the past in the present through perfume in order to link the olfactory memory to great moments in history.

Founder, Carlos Huber

Attracted by the magical horizons of his hometown, Mexico City - a mix of Aztec, Spanish Colonial, Fine Arts and Modern styles - Carlos Huber studied architecture at prestigious universities in Mexico and then in Paris. He completed his studies in New York at Columbia University where he graduated with honors in heritage preservation .

He designs interiors for Polo Ralph Lauren. An experience that gives him a unique chance to work on commercial spaces within historical settings.

A new opportunity to explore the past in depth comes with his involvement in the projects of Columbia's architect and professor of université́, Jorge OteroPailos. An artist whose art installations analyze the role of the senses, except sight, in the interpretation of historic sites.

His long-time love of perfumery led him to meet perfumer Rodrigo Flores Roux, who took him under his wing. They collaborated with Yann Vasnier, with the goal of capturing and identifying the olfactory notes of historical moments.

The beauty and complexity of his creations pay homage to history while embracing an elegant modernity