The brand

Although brushing your teeth is the first and last thing you do every day, Richard and Stephanie wanted to break the usual routine.
They decided to create an ethical and natural toothpaste line designed specifically for those who value their beauty routine as well as design and luxury.


Thanks to the 9 natural, exclusive and unique aromas of the collection, you will take full advantage of these 2 minutes and participate in a real experience of awareness, to reflect, to refocus on yourself while brushing your teeth.
The idea came to them during a stay in Costa Rica, immersed in the tropical vegetation, the ocean,... and all this nature.
That's why the brand is inspired by nature, surfing while offering its glamorous touch.

Like your body, your mouth is home to millions of bacteria, good and bad, called oral microbiomes. Maintaining the natural balance of your oral microbiome is essential to the health of your teeth, gums and mouth, and is also a gateway to a healthy body.
That's why at LEBON we consciously avoid all harmful toxins and chemicals that could deprive you of good bacteria.
Instead, in all our toothpastes, we use organic green tea (Camellia Sinensis) with powerful, naturally beneficial properties and organic Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) with soothing properties, which contribute to the natural balance of the mouth's microbiome and help prevent bacterial growth, plaque formation, cavities and protect your gums.

Ingredients you won't see in their products are for example fluorine, PEG, SLS or paraben.

The creators

LEBON is a collection of oral care products founded in 2015 by Stéphanie, art historian and professional photographer, and her husband, Richard, a pharmacist expert in dermatology-cosmetics, both lovers of the sea and nature.

The founders love to travel and always find beauty by the sea and in nature. In 2014, while overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, their vision of LEBON was born: a love story between the power of nature and 2 people eager to make a difference.
Through the 9 aromas of their LEBON collection, Stéphanie and Richard offer their interpretation of the most remote, inspiring and enjoyable places they have been to.