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The Absolution range of cosmetics is designed to restore, preserve and protect the ecosystem and the natural balance of the skin. The organic skin care products rebalance stressed skin, provide nutrients and anti-oxidants to fight against time. The treatments act in bio affinity with the skin for visible results from the very first applications.

Because chemistry only tries to mimic nature... but does it much less well, Absolution natural skincare products, certified organic and without harmful ingredients, will give you much better results than conventional skincare products while respecting your skin, your health and the planet...

The objective of Absolution is both simple and wonderfully complex: to find a Natural Beauty! Beauty surrounds us, it is there: lurking in this flower placed on your chimney, in the reflection of the morning that plays on your tea, in this hand placed on your shoulder and of course in the grain of your skin, this intimate envelope that connects you to the world.


To easily and perfectly match the needs of the skin and your care, Absolution has designed the Mix & Match. A new but simple way to have the solution to your skin's daily problem. Adapt your care in 30 seconds. Choose the cream and the Booster adapted to your skin type and to your day problem and mix them to boost the effectiveness of the formula.

Founder, Isabelle Caron

Several years as Creative Director in a company and then in her own agency have allowed Isabelle Carron to work for many cosmetic and perfume brands. Each time, she had the feeling that something was missing... a certain sensitivity, a lot of sincerity, more requirements, an aesthetic that goes beyond the codes... more freedom perhaps? In short, Isabelle Carron believed that it was possible to create beauty treatments that corresponded to everything she expected from a brand she could love: efficiency, naturalness, honesty, pleasure, soul... Through experience and her passion for botany, she decided to create it. So it is surrounded by charming and talented people and a human-sized laboratory that Absolution was born in September 2009.

Since then, Absolution offers a different approach to beauty to all those for whom Quality, Efficiency, Honesty, Ecology and Creativity are not marketing concepts. They like to make good and beautiful products that bring beauty into our lives. Helping to achieve and maintain beautiful and healthy skin is their small contribution to a better world.

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