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A few words about Les Eaux Primordiales

In mythology, primordial waters are at the origin of the creation of the world. Arnaud Poulain imagined his brand as a return to the fundamentals: between passion, know-how and quality. Inspired by the industrial heritage of his region, the perfumer has shaped the design of his graphic universe. His passion for science and art in all its forms provides him with infinite material for the creation of his perfumes.

In five years, he has already created twenty-two fragrances distributed by the world's most prestigious boutiques and plans to make Eaux Primordiales the must-have brand of luxury Made in France.


These compositions are smart, studious, casual, classic and then suddenly, something comes joyfully to shake everything up to make the random poetry of the sensations speak.

These fragrances, full of ease and comfort, have the gift of incensing personality and finally elevating the pace.

Architectural and androgynous, radically minimalist, the bottle is inspired by the photographic work of Bernd and Hilla Becher, a couple of German photographers from the 50s who immortalized mine shafts and oil pumps.
These artists, who founded the Düsseldorf school, are part of the "aesthetics of objectivity" that Arnaud Poulain's compositions also claim to be.
It is precisely their series of photographs of silos which freely inspired the contours of the bottle. This timeless bottle, with its sober and meticulous design, is tailor-made for today's perfumery that has the stuff of life.

The creator, Arnaud Poulain

A few words about the perfumer

Arnaud Poulain was born in Arras in 1986. He became passionate about cosmology at a very early age and studied mechanical engineering. In 2007, he began a training course in Lens which will give him the basics of the perfumer's profession.

It was during his first olfaction classes that he discovered his hyperosmia (overdeveloped sense of smell) and that he met Amélie Bourgeois, who became his mentor and who still accompanies him today in the technical development of his perfumes.

After a long experience in independent perfumery, he created Les Eaux Primoriales in 2015. Hyperactive, curious and demanding, he shows boundless creativity and offers a range of fragrances in his own image.

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