The brand

French designer-perfumer, Estéban was one of the first to build his home fragrances like eaux de parfum: facetted perfumes, endowed with depth and substance, but above all, messengers of emotions. The brand develops all its fragrances like poems :

- In its "Classical" universe, each collection is a journey, an escape told in perfume.

- In its "Interior Gardens" universe, each creation is a tribute to the ephemeral beauty of nature.

- In his "Elessens" universe, 'fusion' fragrances bring together dense and airy materials to write a story full of contrasts and modernity.

Imagined in their creative studios in Paris, Estéban fragrances have been made with respect for people and nature, in their workshops in the South of France, for 40 years.


French designer-perfumer and manufacturer since its inception, the brand has always claimed strong values:

- French know-how: 40 years of artisanal expertise reinforced by the mastery of the industrial tool. 98% of their fragrance references are made on site, in their workshops in the south of France.

- Innovation and quality requirements on a daily basis: driven by a desire to improve and to best satisfy the needs of each customer, Estéban is constantly innovating and developing new materials and perfume gestures: perfume trees, perfume mist diffusers, ...

- Respect for Nature and people: environmental concern is part of the brand's DNA. This is why the majority of their products are refillable and most of the packaging is recyclable. For each product, the raw materials are carefully selected: 100% vegetable wax and pure cotton wick for the candles, phthalate-free vegetable alcohol for the scented solutions in particular. Did you know? Estéban was one of the first to offer refillable candles.

- Sharing: Perfume carries a bond, an emotion, and it is with the goal of spreading and sharing these emotions that Estéban designs all its creations with passion.

- Elegance: the refinement of the materials and the originality of the detail can be read on each of the brand's fragrances and decorative objects, for an interior unlike any other.

Founder, Jean Max Estéban

At the origin of the brand is Jean Max Estéban, an explorer and aviator in love with a young artist who is passionate about perfume. To seduce her, he designs finely decorated objects that he imbues with delicate notes. These unique objects, both decorative and fragrant, will be the starting point for a long series of innovations and creations, all equally refined and audacious. This passion for perfume and travel gave birth to collections of complicit and authentic fragrances that we are attached to because they embellish everyday life. Original compositions, all endowed with an inimitable olfactory signature, that will give your home a personal and poetic touch.