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The art of tanning...

Since 1978, Institut Esthederm research has been combining the art of living in the sun with beauty by creating exceptional sun care products. All this with a sun-orientated approach that goes against the preconceived ideas.

Based on a patented technology of intra-cellular protection, Esthederm sun care products protect, strengthen cellular adaptation and resistance, and preserve the quality and beauty of the skin in the sun.

Carried by precious textures with an addictive fragrance, the products offer a complete line of highly technical suncare responses, for incomparable results: proven youthful effectiveness; faster, more intense and longer-lasting tanning and a solution to every problem: sun intolerance reactions, sensitivity of fair or reactive skin, prevention of hyperpigmentation... whatever the sun lifestyle and destination.

A positive approach to age...

INSTITUT ESTHEDERM is a brand based on ecobiology which is at the heart of the NAOS approach, with the mission of respecting the ecosystem of your skin and preserving its health. Durably.

Born from professional aesthetics, inspired by life and the art of living in the sun, Esthederm is a brand like no other. No noisy promises, no noise, just a whisper, that of women among themselves. All of them speak of a strength that accompanies each moment, of a unique know-how that has changed the destiny of their skin and finally revealed their beauty.


To ensure that your skin retains its original beauty, Esthederm has developed formulas that respect its health and integrity. These formulas continuously protect it from aging, optimize its cellular metabolism, and strengthen its adaptive capacities to increase its resistance to the environment.

A unique water formulation:

Patented and inspired by skin water, Cellular Water optimizes the cells' energy, helps preserve their youthfulness and potentiates the effectiveness of all skin care products.

Offering the best of light : So that your skin gets the best from the sun, the Global Cellular Protection Patent protects it from environmental aggressions and reinforces its self-protection capacities.

Founder, Jean-Noël Thorel

A French pharmacist biologist and cell specialist, Jean-Noël Thorel is at the origin of many researches on cutaneous bio-ecology, and founder of the brands Institut Esthederm, Bioderma and Etat Pur.

As early as the 1970s, this sun-loving researcher imagined a different approach to sun protection, one that went against the preconceived ideas. Based on the optimization of tanning, natural skin protection, it is resolutely oriented towards anti-aging.

Jean Noël Thorel then develops the patents and technologies that will support the effectiveness of each face care, body care or sun care and lays the foundations of the Esthederm philosophy: ecobiology at the service of aesthetics.

In 1977, Jean-Noël Thorel founded the CEREDAP Research Centre (Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche CEREDAP). in Aesthetics and Applied Dermatology) with whom he created the first Bioderma and Institut Esthederm products.

Based on the principle that "when a skin suffers, rather than treating it, it must be taught to live", he imagines innovative product concepts with renowned dermatology and biology researchers and registers his first patents.

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