the brand

A free perfumery of infinite inspiration.

FO'AH Perfumes with a Soul is a contemporary Perfume House that revisits the codes of traditional perfumery with the creative freedom afforded by the latest technical advances by perfumers. It boldly draws its inspiration from the rich olfactory heritage of Europe, the Middle East and Asia while remaining true to its French roots. FO'AH, whose name evokes the palm tree in bloom, passionately explores new olfactory horizons through the use of exclusive raw materials that give each of her creations a particular soul, at the crossroads of eras, imaginations and civilizations.


The "Mémoires d'une palmeraie" collection tells the olfactory story of the legendary Silk Road. In the soothing shade of the oases, travellers exchange the precious raw materials gathered along their journeys. Bewitching perfumes are invented, blending influences from Europe, Arabia and Asia in a captivating melting pot of emotions.

Created exclusively for FO'AH, the note of the palm tree captured at the moment of flowering had never before been used in any other fragrance. Vegetal and fruity, it expresses the trunk, the shade, the pods and the wind blowing between the palms.

Whispered whispers of an intoxicating olfactory dialogue, the fragrances in the Collection are designated by a number whose meaning remains a secret, linked to the story of one of the two founders.

founders, Emilie Dewell & Abdulla Al Masaood

Émilie Dewell, a young French woman whose story oscillates between the flowery hillsides of Grasse and the palm trees of Abu Dhabi, created FO'AH Perfumes with a Soul with another great perfume enthusiast, His Excellency Abdulla Al Masaood, heir to one of the oldest families in Abu Dhabi.

Their intention from the outset was to bring together in a single universal language the two great cultures to which they belong: France, the cradle of modern perfumery, and the Middle East, the ancestral land of powerful scents that link the earthly and the celestial.

Celebrating the meeting of cultures and ideas, FO'AH embodies a free, open and nourished perfumery of all influences.