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Kure Bazaar polishes are well known to the eco-beautystas, but not only!
The reputation of these small bottles with fabulous shades has long since surpassed the only sphere of pro-bio.

The brand of varnish is used by the most demanding professionals on all five continents.
It is a formula that must imperatively ensure a perfect and resistant hold.
The shine is fundamental, it must be immediate and persist over time. Kure varnishes are easy to apply, it is essential to achieve a beautiful manicure.


The main goal was to create a natural formula. Kure Bazaar offers polishes that are low in chemicals and do not damage the nails.
Formulated with up to 85% natural ingredients and "4 Free", toluene free, dibutyl phthalates free, synthetic camphor free and formaldehyde free.
The fabulous thing is that all this is without compromise: the hold is excellent, the texture ultra-brilliant, quick drying and without forgetting the colors...

Kure Bazaar's values are simple and guide the brand in its choices and development.
All the colours are developed during the Fashion Week in Paris, London and New York. The inspirations are confirmed during the Backstages of the catwalks, where they let themselves be guided by the Designers,...
it is on the ground, in contact with the new collections that all their new shades are developed. They are also the only brand to work with the vibrant colours of fashion while respecting a strict ecological charter.

The creator, Kartika Luyet

Behind the brand Kure Bazaar lies its founder Kartika Luyet. It all started when she was pregnant with her son, at that moment she really became aware of the importance of what she put on and "in" her body.
She started to pay more attention to what she ate by becoming organic whenever possible and later on in her cosmetic choices.
She has always loved to wear nail polish but during the first months after the birth of her baby, like many women she naturally avoided wearing it...

Since then, "green" cosmetics have evolved and today we have more and more choices... but it is incredible to see that a real alternative to classic varnishes (also guaranteeing impeccable hold and offering beautiful colours) is still difficult to find on the market.

It is then, with one of her best friends, who has been working in the cosmetics industry for 20 years, that they seriously looked into this issue.
And the most incredible thing is that they had the chance to work with one of the best laboratories in the world, who accepted to take up this challenge with them…

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