the brand

Founded in 2013, Thameen means "precious" in Arabic. The brand draws its inspiration from the world's most enchanting jewels and scents, as well as the exceptional stories behind them. Symbols of social status, religion, wealth, beauty and love, jewelry and fragrance have had a special relationship since time immemorial. From ancient tribes to Haute Couture, they are both at the heart of civilization. Thameen associates them with happiness.

Today, Thameen London is a British niche and luxury brand that fulfills its founder's vision of combining Eastern opulence with Western refinement.


Thameen was born out of an obsession with beautiful scented oils, combined with a vision of creating elegant, original and contemporary fragrances. The perfume structures are pure and simple to let these rare ingredients sing, each one applied with elegance and refinement to delight fragrance lovers around the world.

Their specially designed fragrances are inspired by a love of precious scents. They are named after the world's most enchanting and precious gems. Moon of Baroda", for example, is the precious diamond of Marilyn Monroe in the film "Diamonds are a girl's best friend". The Royal Sapphire is the blue sapphire centerpiece of Her Majesty The Queen's crown for official occasions and is displayed in the Tower of London.

Thameen uses the best and rarest ingredients of the highest quality in many of their fragrances: Rose de Taîf - Haitian Vetiver - Ambergris - Saffron - Oud Wood

Thameen fragrances are renowned for their longevity, with a significantly higher concentration of oils than the eau de parfums on the market.

founder, Basel Bin Jabr

“Fragrances are incredibly powerful. They trigger memories, they transport you to another world. I grew up with scents and my father loved perfume. One of my most precious memories is my father taking me to the best perfume oil sellers and creating, testing and choosing beautiful fragrances. He was very fond of rose oils and called them his 'precious jewels'. I inherited his love for perfumes. As a tribute to my late father I started Thameen, which means precious in Arabic. “