The brand

Founded in Porto in 1887, the house Claus Porto was the first soap and perfume manufacturer in Portugal.
For 130 years, the Claus Porto factory has been making soaps with pure respect for the age-old traditions of Porto, where the brand was born. Considered as one of the most prestigious brands in the country, it has a remarkable historical past, marked by authenticity and exclusivity.
Over the years, the hundred-year-old range, which has stood out for its uniqueness and authenticity, has retained the traditional manufacturing methods that have made it famous.

In a perpetual quest for authenticity, it has developed a unique expertise in soaps, eaux de Cologne, scented candles, home diffusers and shaving products. In addition to its wide range of products, the brand is developing a range of lifestyle products.
Today, the brand has an incredible collection of hand-drawn labels and designs, each with its own identity.


Everything is based on the formulation, of which Claus Porto has become an expert over the decades, and the use of the best ingredients.
They use a maximum of natural ingredients in their formulations and the base of their soaps is prepared with oils of vegetable origin.
Combining creativity and tradition, their soaps with cult fragrances and vintage inspiration are both classic and innovative. 100% natural, they are made in the old-fashioned way, from a precise blend of soap paste, fragrances, pigments and aromatic oils. Enriched with 2% shea butter, they deeply moisturize and nourish the skin.

The soaps are hand wrapped in colourful Art Deco packaging and their vintage labels are affixed. The unique packaging of Claus Porto soaps is inspired by their archive of hand-drawn works, emblematic of the wealthy pre-Republican Portuguese culture and the opulence of the Belle Époque.
They do not test on animals and do not work with ingredients tested on animals.
Their production process is subject to quality control in accordance with the strictest standards, covering all stages from the selection of ingredients to final packaging.
Claus Porto products, which offer equally delicious "old-fashioned" fragrances, leave no one indifferent. That's why they make great, useful, original and unforgettable gifts...for you or your loved ones.

The creators

Claus Porto's roots go back to 1887, when two German gentlemen, Ferdinand Claus and Goerges Schweder, arrived in a beautiful historic Portuguese city.
The marriage of these two European identities leds to the creation of the house famous for its beauty products and perfumes.

During the 130 years that have seen 4 generations succeed one another, the brand has asserted itself despite the ups and downs.
The history of the brand is inseparable from its family spirit. Aquiles de Brito, Achilles' great-grandson, has remained a shareholder since the majority of the capital was bought out by a group of Portuguese shareholders in 2015. Aquiles continues to play an essential role in preserving Claus Porto's heritage and DNA.