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For 250 years, the Creed brand has been creating sublime perfumes for royal families and other demanding and refined customers. The Creed brand is known for its use of an ancestral technique of processing precious materials that it selects for the manufacture of its unequalled perfumes. Creed prefers natural ingredients of the highest quality to synthetic substances.

Creed fragrances have been worn with pride by important historical figures: Queen Victoria, Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary and his wife Sissi, Sir Winston Churchill and President John F. Kennedy. Today, Creed remains an emblem for the royal and presidential families.


Creed perfumes are composed from the highest quality olfactory ingredients, the most sought-after and almost exclusively from natural components of excellence. The offer is composed of fragrances for men, women and unisex. The elegant bottles reflect the historical heritage in a modern way.

Olivier Creed, today at the head of the company and the sixth heir of Creed, is dedicated to choosing the best ingredients when he travels the world. His creations include the most sophisticated roses from Bulgaria, the most fragrant jasmines from Grasse, irises from Florence, or Tonka beans from Burma.

The manufacturing process of the perfumes is essentially based on an artisanal infusion method. Infusing vegetable matter in solvents allows the full olfactory fullness of the ingredients to be extracted. This is how Creed perfumes create their original infusions, the fruit of an ancestral know-how that is constantly being improved.

Founder, the Creed Family

Created in London in 1760 by James Henry Creed, the French-English company was originally a fashion house. Today, it is famous for its perfumes. Six generations of the Creed family have succeeded one another. First there was James Henry, then three successive Henry's, a new James Henry, and the newest: Olivier. Creed carries its slogan well: "Creed from father to son since 1760". What's more, the story doesn't seem to be over yet, since Erwin Creed also makes a few perfumes.

Today, Creed has an unprecedented notoriety. Many stars are loyal customers of the brand. For instance, Madonna is a fan of the perfume Florissimo. David Beckham says he loves Himalaya. As for Robert Redford, he pushes Creed's luxury and expertise even further by having custom-made perfumes created for him.

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