The brand

Created under the impulse of Annick Goutal, a woman of desire, with a determined and free character who has lived several lives. An inspired and inspiring woman driven by love. Today, the House continues to transform life's emotions into fragrance.

A pioneer of independent perfumery, she was one of the first female perfumers in a man's world. Our creations seduce lovers of beautiful fragrances, some of which have become icons, such as Eau d'Hadrien and Petite Chérie.

The collections

Since 1981, this House of fine perfumery has been offering a true art of perfuming, with elegant and unique creations that accompany every moment of life. There is the one that takes you on a journey or brings you back to the shoulder. The one that accompanies you for a summer or for several years. All these perfumes which, like so many complicit embraces, cries of the heart, bursts of laughter, moved or amused memories, tell a part of your history. All the perfumes of a life.

Founder, Annick Goutal

Once upon a time, there was Annick Goutal, a woman of intuition and emotions, one of those visionaries who go all the way to the end of their dreams. A child prodigy, she was destined for a career as a pianist. Very quickly, she rebels against this destiny imposed on her to become a model.

Her curiosity for perfumes then brought her to Grasse, where she met a man who would change her life and transmit a new passion to her: in 1979, she became a perfume designer. Her sensoriality, generosity and gift for composition are the signature assets of her unique and remarkable fragrances.

As always, what passes through her hands becomes a success, like her first creation, L'Eau d'Hadrien, composed in 1981 and which became an icon. The perfumer's organ is his new instrument. Perfume notes replace musical notes. His sensoriality, generosity and gift for composition are the signature assets of his unique and remarkable fragrances.