The brand

Trudon comes in 2 scent universes. Trudons Parfums for the fragrance collections and Cire Trudon for the candles.

Trudon fragrances carry within them an olfactory complexity that conveys a personality more than a genre. They reflect a vision dear to Cire Trudon's heart: promoting a creative freedom and invoking unique horizons.

Trudon explores historical periods, through characters and places they have lived in or might have frequented.

With the fragrance collection, Trudon Parfums wanted to keep a strong link with Cire Trudon through three themes of predilection: royalty, religion and the Revolution. Trudon wanted to pass on to the perfumers who would compose the fragrances, stories that they could translate into perfumes.


Cire Trudon enlists well-known “noses” to create perfumes for the stories it wishes to tell. Each candle is still dripped and made by hand in its factory in Normandy, perpetuating a luxury manufacturing which helps perpetuates the skills of its founder, Claude Trudon.

Maison Trudon has asked British painter and illustrator Lawrence Mynott to create an original drawing for each one of the fragrances in the line. Lawrence Mynott is one of the top illustrators, designers and portrait painters of his generation. A control of pen and ink, stencil, paint, scraperboard and pencil underlines his versatility in fashion drawing, caricature, figurative subjects and portraiture, but his signature can be seen above all in his attention to detail, innate style, elegance and wit that he brings to every project.


Cire Trudon, wax maker since 1643.

Founded in 1643, on the threshold of the reign of Louis XIV, Cire Trudon is the oldest Candlemaker in the world still active today.

Throughout the 17th century, the manufacturer became the Royal Wax Manufacturer and official supplier in the French court, then to Napoléon Bonaparte.

Cire Trudon received a Gold Medal during the 1889 Universal Exhibit as a reward for the outstanding quality of its candles and wax.