The brand


A re-edited collection of nine exceptional perfumes dating from the 20th century, respecting the historical formulas of the time ... Nine fragrances, nine stories, nine souls! A journey through time... A moment of relaxation and happiness to travel olfactory with Le Galion.

The name of this beautiful brand, inspired by the great square-stemmed ships, evokes the open sea and escape. Some beautiful names of fragrances still remain in our memories: Sortilège, Brumes, Snob... But the memory of Le Galion fragrances was more distant, belonging to the past, the glorious past of beautiful French perfumery.


The exceptional fragrances that made the brand's heyday 30 years ago are being re-released, rare, high-quality creations, under the sign of elegance and distinction.

Today, once again, Les Parfums Le Galion wants to be the unique heritage of the founding perfumer. They are elaborated with the same care and know-how by small producers in Grasse who use natural raw materials and thus create the richness of the formulas due to the small volumes.

The glass of the bottle comes from the region of Murano, Italy. The packaging is made with the help of a centre for the disabled. These exceptional fragrances are part of the heritage of the House of Le Galion.

FOUNDER, Paul Vacher

Created in 1930 by Prince Murat and creates about ten perfumes. The Le Galion brand was taken over five years later by perfumer Paul Vacher. He created Sortilège, which was an immediate success. At the time, there were countless perfume houses, but Le Galion stood out for its Parisian chic. Paul Vacher was an esteemed perfumer, considered by some to be one of the great masters of perfumery.

After his death in 1975, the company Le Galion was sold to an American group. But the poorly managed company quickly collapsed and fled with it, a whole image of France and perfume. That of elegance and simplicity, good manners and a sense of quality.

In 2014, Nicolas Chabot met up with Vacher's daughter, herself a perfume designer, and relaunched the brand: Le Galion was reborn from its ashes. Ten classic fragrances, born between 1936 and 1972, are being re-released.