The Brand


In ancient Greek, the word IUNX evokes the myth of a motionless hunt, a hunt in its most subtle and magical form, an absolute seduction whose only weapon is perfume.

IUNX was born in 2003 from an association between the Shiseido group, Olivia Giacobetti, Fabienne Conte-Sévigné and Francis Giacobetti. The brand returned to its creators in 2006 and continues its journey, invited to the Costes Hotel. Today, the creation of this new venue, located at 13 rue de Tournon in Paris, expresses all the freedom of a personal look, opening a new page in the brand's history. The atmosphere of the place and the fragrances form a whole, a coherence that underlines the universe, simplicity and authenticity of IUNX.


IUNX is a universe entirely dedicated to fragrances, a blend of poetry and modernity, a world apart where smells are a luxury, a madness, a passion. Perfumes subtly escape from the luminous testers.

As you bend over a flower to smell it, you bring your face close to a white paper corolla that lights up and releases the fragrance. You catch yourself closing your eyes when you encounter a memory, an emotion... These olfactory testers, imagined at the very conception of the brand, have become IUNX's visual signature.

Eaux de IUNX are light, elongated eaux. We perfume ourselves in a different way. Eaux inspired by an instant, an image, a sensation. Each one has its own rhythm, its own story, a shirt in the sun, a wise water in Argentina. Their extreme simplicity keeps only the essential, only the emotion.

IUNX perfumes are made in Grasse, created and packaged in Paris. Meticulous craftsmanship for small exclusive series, "hand-stitched", bottles packaged one by one, rolled in paper and sealed with a tie.

A parfumer, Olivia Giacobetti

All the fragrances were created by Olivia GIACOBETTI.

Driven only by her love of perfume and an insatiable curiosity, Olivia Giacobetti has been exploring this world for over twenty years. Her personal journey, far from the beaten track, has led her to imagine the unique world of IUNX.

"IUNX is my freedom, I put in what I love, what touches me, what I miss too... I love fragrances that tell stories, inspiration is everywhere, on the corner of my street or at the end of the world. I try to get closer to what I observe, to what I feel. More than anything else, I love the poetry that surrounds the world of scents and the almost animal link between perfume and our emotions. "

Formed at the age of 17 at Robertet in Grasse, she founded her own perfume composition company, Iskia, in 1990. In 2003, in partnership with Shiseido, she created the IUNX brand and boutique.