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Founded in Paris in 2001 and reflecting its founder's infinite curiosity for nature, the fragrance collection at the heart of the Heeley label is filled with fresh and simple ingredients. Developed in France, where the young English designer James Heeley discovered his love for fragrances, and produced according to traditional French methods, each fragrance is an expression of detail and elegance.

Today, Heeley is one of the few perfume houses whose owner and founder coincide, becoming a reference for independent luxury in Europe. It is this independence that allows the freedom to create individual fragrances that are simply unique.


The collection consists of eaux de parfums, perfume extracts and scented candles. Contemporary creations, the fragrances are elaborated according to the art of traditional perfumery and have been imagined for both women and men.

One of his first fragrances, Menthe Fraîche, is an exercise in style: from an ingredient that is apparently simple yet difficult to interpret, James Heeley creates an elegant and easy-to-wear olfactory creation. With time and experience, he adds more intense constructions such as Cardinal, Sea Salt which reveals aquatic and iodine notes.

founder, James Heeley

Born in Yorkshire, in the North of England, James Heeley first studied philosophy and aesthetics before gradually moving into the world of perfumery.

His meeting with Annick Goutal in 1996 marked a turning point for the designer, who was already fascinated by scents. "I wanted to understand the workings of the perfume that invades our senses when we walk into a florist's shop". Heeley knocked on Patrick de Givenchy's door and asked him to recreate the smell of the fig tree.

Creative, the young English designer chose France to discover the technique and secrets of perfume making. Self-taught, his ever-evolving work now contains a varied collection of unique and vibrant fragrances, each created according to the art of traditional French perfumery.

His expertise is seen in the details and consistency: the creation of the perfume, the graphic design of the bottle and the box are harmoniously crafted with respect and respect for the traditional art of French perfumery. James Heeley is strongly inspired by the elements of nature to carry out his olfactory creations.

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