The brand


Sober style. Defined by an unconventional sense of sophistication. With a taste that is increasingly rare, but still daring. Timeless and elegant... but always with a charming hint of madness and fantasy.

It is precisely these British traits that are the heart and heritage of Jo Malone London. Since its creation in 1994 - when the founder imagined a number of fragrances with revolutionary refined simplicity - Jo Malone London has become a world-renowned name.

Inspired by and immersed in modern British culture, it offers collections created by the world's most renowned master perfumers and London's finest creative talents. By working with geniuses with the most innovative style, Jo Malone London remains at the forefront of the perfumery industry.


Custom-made colognes and handmade candles.

The Jo Malone London range consists of colognes, candles, body creams, bath oils, diffusers, etc.

Each fragrance is made from high quality, tailor-made ingredients by master perfumers. Each wonderfully simple creation can be combined with another to create a unique olfactory signature with Fragrance Combining. All her fragrances are made from top quality ingredients and always with an unpredictable touch. Jo Malone London remains at the cutting edge of perfumery.

Jo Malone London scented candles are as coveted as fragrances. In perfect harmony, thanks to the know-how and meticulous patience involved in each creation, they present the ultimate expression of refinement, a thoughtful and luxurious gift. From floral and fruity to lemony and spicy, discover a diverse spectrum of products for you and your home.

The art of gift giving

Synonymous with generosity. Good taste. A personal touch... for a small thought or an attention that will amaze. A Jo Malone London gift is always wonderful.

Undo the ribbon closing the iconic cream-coloured box. Lift the lid. Crumpled black tissue paper scented with our signature Lime Basil & Mandarin fragrance will finally reveal the coveted attention. Choosing is almost as exciting as receiving.

Unexpected scents, enticing candles and a sumptuous line of bath and body care products. For her. For him. For the home.