The brand


Creator of olfactory trends and adventures. Free, impertinent and of quality. An alternative brand with a vintage pop-art look, tangy colors, gourmet design and collaborations with a new generation of French perfumers.

Their desire: to create emotion and pleasure for a unique sensorial experience. J.U.S is for all those who are looking for a personal fragrance far from the standardization of today's perfumery.

J.U.S is also a human adventure: the meeting of 3 creators who dream of a new exceptional perfumery. Thierry, the artistic director; Brigitte, the olfactory expert; Jean-Baptiste, the conductor. But the brand isn't just about three people. To create La Nouvelle Parfumerie Française, they decided to work closely with a multitude of talents.


J.U.S offers alternative perfumes that have the ambition to create the new standard for luxury houses, a brand where the greatest perfumers can express all their desires in total freedom.

At J.U.S, sharing formulas reflects a discourse of truth and curiosity. Perfume is above all an act of creation, the one through which a very special bond is created.

J.U.S. doesn't talk about Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum... Just Perfume. Only the best concentration is proposed for each juice. The one that will let the perfume best express all its trail and power.

At J.U.S. nothing is thrown away. They reuse everything they can... from old glassware molds that are sometimes a hundred years old to vintage furniture. Always with elegance, beauty and freshness.


Three capital letters behind which hide three designers with very specific talents (Brigitte is an olfactory expert, Thierry is a bottle designer and artistic director, and the last one, Jean-Baptiste, is the conductor of this merry band) who have come up with an innovative concept and a touch of provocation in the world of niche perfumery.

The three partners met and crossed paths during their respective careers and ended up uniting their common passion to create a brand just for them through which they could express their ideals.

To give birth to their "juices", they called upon the greatest noses in the profession and gave them carte blanche. Their desire is to create alternative fragrances that are unlike anything else on the market today.