La marque

Mizensir was founded in 1999 by Alberto Morillas. Perfumer at the origin of many worldwide successes in modern perfumery, he decided to found with his wife a House dedicated to craftsmanship and know-how by offering scented candles and perfumes. Over the years and as a family, they developed a wide selection of scents and collaborated with some of the biggest names in fashion to offer them olfactory signatures.

With more than four decades of experience in the industry, Alberto Morillas continues to explore new horizons by proposing original olfactory associations, composing harmoniously with the noblest materials of traditional perfumery as well as with the best molecules resulting from research. For Mizensir, Alberto Morillas, recognized as Perfumer of the Year in 2013, creates in total freedom.


"Above all, I wanted to create a product of excellence, not just a niche product. For Mizensir, I use the best natural ingredients but also the best of research through new molecules and I use the experience I've accumulated over the course of my career. And finally, Mizensir is above all a personal project, I wanted to create something for me, without the usual constraints and agreements". Alberto Morillas, founder and perfumer of Mizensir

Alberto Morillas draws his inspiration above all from the olfactory memories of his childhood spent in Andalusia, where the scents of orange blossom, jasmine, rosemary and incense bathed him throughout his youth. For the rest, he is inspired by his many travels, his remarkable encounters and regularly pays tribute, in his own way, to those who are dear to him.

Créateur, Alberto Morillas

Alberto Morillas is a contemporary dandy, as we rarely meet. Originally from Spain, he learned the workings of perfumery in Geneva at Firmenich in the 1970s, as a self-taught dancer. Always loyal to this fragrance and flavour creation company, he has created some of the most emblematic fragrances of the last forty years for his clients, such as Calvin Klein's CK One, Giorgio Armani's Acqua Di Gio, Estée Lauder's Pleasures, Flower by Kenzo and most recently Gucci's Mémoire d'une Odeur.

If we had to define Alberto Morillas' signature in three words, we would say: fluidity, transparency and power.