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Born more than 400 years ago now, L'Officine Florentine Santa Maria Novella is the oldest perfume workshop in the world. Catherine de Medici's famous eau de Cologne, iris powder, old rose body milk, face cream, energizing vinegar or sweet almond paste for the hands and Tuscan herbal potpourri are among the best-sellers...

In addition to perfumes, Santa Maria Novella stands out with its body care products, candles, soaps, liqueurs... This exceptional house excels by its handcrafted production, based on medicinal herbs and flowers, resulting from the ancestral know-how of 13th century Dominican monks.


Still housed in beautifully frescoed rooms in the centre of Florence, the Santa Maria Novella shop has not changed much; the windows and counter have not changed since 1612.

Today the retro-looking apothecary formulas of cologne, talcum powder, ointments and soaps have lost none of their charm. Santa Maria Novella continues to use raw materials of the highest quality and still following the artisanal procedures that belonged to the Dominican friars, but using ultra-modern technology and machinery.

All the cosmetic products of Officina Profumo- Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella are made from selected raw materials. Each batch, before being packaged, is subjected to the quality control of the internal analysis laboratories that guarantee its conformity in terms of quality.

the foundation

Santa Maria Novella, the oldest pharmacy in the world, was founded in 1221 by the Dominican friars when they arrived in Florence. From then on, they began to cultivate medicinal plants for the needs of the convent. When the Plague struck in 1348, the monks put their knowledge at the service of the population. It is from this period that the rose water and the Santa Maria Novella potpourri to purify the air date back.

In the 16th century, Santa Maria Novella was the birthplace of a new fragrance for Queen Catherine de Medici. This fragrance, Eau de la Reine, scented with citrus essences, with a predominance of bergamot was also reputed to have many healing properties. Today this water is more commonly known as Eau de Cologne.

In 1612 the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella was officially opened to the public. But it was in 1753 that the former monks' herbalist's shop was transformed into a luxurious room with precious woodwork. This is the shop where customers will be welcomed.

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