The brand


Etro made his debut in the late 1960s. Gerolamo Etro, an expert in textiles and a lover of travel and history, chose India and Eastern culture as his world of inspiration.

Today, his four children work alongside him to turn the family business into a contemporary and sophisticated international brand with collections ranging from clothing to accessories and perfumes, from textiles to home furnishings and from leather goods to eyewear.

Etro added fragrances to its product range in the late 1980s, when a line of refined perfumes was launched. Initially based on monothematic formulas with an emphasis on woody and spicy notes, the perfume line gradually became impregnated with more complex bouquets, eaux de toilette designed for customers looking for a unique fragrance.


Etro, a wide and eclectic range

Each fragrance has its own character and personality, perfect for expressing any state of mind. Olfactory recipes are part of a unique family, the fragrant acorns of a well-known history: in the world of perfumes too, Etro's approach to fragrances expresses the search for quality, creativity and personal style represented by the label in each of its production segments.

Composed of essentially natural ingredients, Etro fragrances last on the skin thanks to the high concentration of spices and incense, woods used with resins and herbs, and citrus fruits. Each fragrance is suitable for both men and women and should be chosen not according to gender but to individual affinity.

Fragrance becomes a means of expression: it is not enough to have just one fragrance to which to be faithful forever, but one for any occasion.

FOUNDER, Gerolamo Etro

The Etro adventure began in 1968 with Gerolamo Etro, who wanted to interpret the exotic beauty, very different aesthetics and rich design techniques he had learned through his travels and studies. From his earliest collections, Etro used precious fabrics, transforming them into new renderings with modern cuts and patterns.

Etro's distinctive style hallmarks have always been Paisley, working in a mix of themes and inspirations each season, and Pegaso. These two symbols define the creativity and multicultural vision of the brand and its values. Around these themes, Etro developed the restyling of the perfume packaging to create a new, more modern and adapted image, without losing sight of its traditional canons.

The company has always been entirely managed by the Gimmo Etro family: women's clothing is still designed by Veronica Etro, men's clothing is still designed by Kean Etro, textiles and accessories are created by Jacopo Etro and Ippolito Etro heads the finance and home divisions.