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After a few return trips to British soil, Rei Kawakubo, an up-and-coming designer, decided in 1969 to create her own brand: "Comme des Garçons".
A name with a French-speaking sound, inspired by the famous song by Françoise Hardy, "Tous les garçons et les filles".

The Japanese brand made a name for itself worldwide with its iconoclastic monochrome collection at Paris Fashion Week in the 1980s.
Known for its collections with strong concepts (black-on-black outfits, raw seams and worn-out fabrics), the brand has preserved its punk image over the years.


Comme des Garçons has a knack for popularizing avant-garde fashion with its deconstructed looks, androgynous styles and asymmetrical cuts.
Since its creation, Comme des Garçons Parfum has held fast to the strong and uncompromising values and in doing so redefined the language by which perfumes are understood.

The original Eau de Parfum debuted in 1994, and today some 75 scents exist: those born of pure creation, series of perfumes that express variations on a theme, anti-perfumes, licensing partnerships and ground-breaking collaborations with artists, cultural icons and institutions such as Monocle Magazine, the Serpentine Gallery, and pioneering stylist Grace Coddington.

The creator, Kei Kawabuko

Comme des Garçons was founded by Rei Kawakubo in 1969 in the land of the rising sun.
It is by affinity and curiosity that she integrates the double curriculum of Fine Arts and Literature at Keio University.
Her artistic universe will assert itself and will be refined during her student years where she will lay the first stones to the edifice of her life.

What Rei wants is to be free. She sets no limits in her work and in the discovery of major arts.
She has a permanent need to be in touch with art and creation. Her non-conformist and radical vision arrived in Paris in 1981. The Japanese hurricane that broke fashion dictates imposed on women for two decades astounded the Parisian public.
Her aim is not to please, she claims her freedom not to want to please.

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