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Whamisa was founded by Ryan Park in 1999.
Passionate about plants and the very advanced Korean tradition of fermentation, he set himself the goal of mastering fermentation technology in order to develop his own active ingredients and offer treatments with a real quality formula.
Taking advantage of all that nature has to offer to the skin, with the aim of preserving the active ingredients for maximum effectiveness, to maintain a harmonious and lasting coexistence between Man and Nature.
Whamisa means Flower + Beauty + 4.

"Wha" means flower because flowers are present in all Whamisa cosmetic care formulas.
"Mi" means beauty because Whamisa offers natural and organic treatments to sublimate women's skin and natural beauty.
"Sa" for the number 4, because 4 trades are at the origin of the creation of the Whamisa brand: chemists, botanists, dermatologists and fermentation specialists. 4 because Whamisa was created with 4 ingredients as a base: seeds, fruits, flowers and roots.
But also because they use 4 natural elements: water, air, sun and earth.


The brand offers a complete range of organic and natural skin care products, mainly for the face.
Inspired by the layering beauty ritual, all their facial treatments follow this routine to provide hydration and protection to the facial skin. As all skins are not the same and do not have the same needs, they strive to offer as many variations of their products as possible.
For each product, they carefully choose the ingredients for their virtues. Through a fermentation process, they preserve and develop the benefits of their ingredients.
Letting their ingredients ferment improves the effectiveness of their products.

The quality of their products lies in the years of research and development of their scientists and experts in natural cosmetics.
For the past 17 years they have been closely involved in the topics of fermentation, water-free cosmetics production and natural preservation.
Their research team aims to develop natural and certified cosmetic products of authentic organic quality, but also to positively influence the natural cosmetics market and enrich it with future-oriented products.


They offer products enriched with natural and organic ingredients for their virtues. The most common in their products are :
Aloe Vera can replace water in products. Among its virtues for the skin, it improves blood circulation and fights against skin aging. It is also known for its healing and soothing benefits.

Chrysanthemum is a medicinal herb native to Asian countries that allows the skin to regain its natural elasticity and slow down its aging.
Enriched with vitamins and minerals, Chrysanthemum soothes the skin and facilitates healing.

The Lotus Flower has decongesting, purifying and soothing virtues. It is also a sacred flower that promises eternal youth...

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