The brand

Icelanders are fond of good stories.
BIOEFFECT started in 2001 in Reykjavik. It is the story of three scientists and a common vision: to develop clean, pure - and therefore without side effects - substances for the field of medicine.
This vision became a fixed idea for Dr. Björn Örvar and his two fellow students.

The three Icelanders knew exactly where they wanted to start their exciting scientific adventure, namely, the production of growth factors identical to those in the human body. The Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) seemed particularly promising.
This protein has a messenger function that signals the cells to regenerate. The discovery of EGF was so revolutionary that it was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine.


The new goal of Icelandic molecular biologists was now to manufacture this growth factor at an absolute level of purity. They quickly realized that they had to rely on green biotechnology and therefore on the help of plants.
It took them 10 years and countless rounds of testing before they were able to produce the coveted protein in barley.
A real sensation! Not only because the result was extremely pure, but also because it was more concentrated and significantly more active than all the cell activators previously used in medicine and cosmetics.

For skin applications, Dr. Björn Örvar then had the idea of concentrating his findings in a serum and having friends and acquaintances test it. The feedback is so important that this pioneer in anti-aging can officially launch the EGF BIOEFFECT SERUM on the market in 2011 - a product that was soon awarded international prizes for its effectiveness.

Currently, 30% of Icelandic women use BIOEFFECT and thus carry this success story "on their skin". Globally, Iceland's skin growth factor is now beautifying men and women in more than 20 countries. The new era of skin care has begun, if this is not a great story....

co-founder, Björn Örvar

Dr. Björn Örvar is Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of BIOEFFECT.
He has also held the position of CEO, as well as that of Director of Gene Technology.
He received his Ph.D. in plant molecular biology from the University of British Columbia, and was a post-doctoral fellow at McGill University before returning to Iceland to co-found BIOEFFECT.