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Finest apothecary skincare

Nature, science and service.

In 1851, a family-run apothecary opened its doors on NYC’s “Pear Tree Corner” to serve the needs of the neighborhood. Passed down through the generations, that landmark—their flagship store—is still open today. It is a symbol of their steadfast dedication to the original purpose of Kiehl’s. As they grow, and the world grows around them, they always remember what matters most—generosity, exceptional service, and the finest apothecary skincare. The Kiehl’s of today is a result of unwavering dedication to their values. Their business and their relationships are strong because they put their beliefs first as they serve their customers the finest apothecary skincare.

Combining advanced science and over 165 years of experience, their unique formulations include only the finest quality botanicals and naturally-derived ingredients. They prioritize efficacy, not aesthetics. The brand formulate skincare for all types— even the most sensitive skin.


Authentic and eclectic

Finest. Kiehl’s sources the highest quality natural and scientifically advanced ingredients in their formulas for skin, hair and body.

Apothecary. Since they first opened the doors of their old-world apothecary in 1851, They have blended pharmaceutical, herbal and medicinal expertise to serve the unique needs of their community.

Skincare. They are dedicated to providing the most efficacious and personalized skincare solutions to everyone, everywhere; it’s part of their “Healthy Skin Guarantee.”

Kiehl’s is guided by those principles : service, nature & science, giving, respect, education and quality. They continually seek new methods, ingredients, and sources that balance the powers of nature and science. And they achieve efficacy and proof by experimenting with uniquely effective, safe, and natural ingredients that are sourced from around the world. They respect the communities in which they live and work, as well as the uniqueness and fragility of the world around them. As they work towards a healthier planet, sustainable sourcing, formulas, and packaging are a must.

founder, John Kiehl

Kiehl’s brand was founded in 1851 in New York City by John Kiehl, a pharmacist who developed formulas for herbal products. He set up his store at Pear Tree Corner, in the East Village. In 1920, John Kiehl sold his brand to Irving Morse, a trained herbalist and former apprentice who had studied pharmacology. Morse was involved in developing many of Kiehl’s products that are still popular today. Irving’s son, Aaron Morse who also studied pharmacology took over the store in the 1960s. When Aaron Morse died in 1995, his daughter Jami Morse Heidegger took over the management of the company. Morse increased kiehl’s revenue by maintaining the brand as a single store, but selling their products through high end retail stores. Finally, in April 2000, l’Oréal, the French beauty and cosmetics company acquired Kiehl’s.

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