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The house Maïtre Parfumeur & Gantier was founded in 1988 by the famous perfumer Jean-François Laporte. Rooted in the tradition of 17th-century French perfumery, the brand draws its inspiration from travel, the world of opera and baroque aesthetics. The glovemaker evokes the era when ladies' gloves were delicately scented, as a coquettish gesture but also to mask the overly strong smell of leather tanning.

Between heritage and modernity, Maître Parfumeur & Gantier is characterized by bold and rare compositions that give a new lease of life to perfumery. By preserving its artisanal aspect and carefully selecting the finest raw materials, the Parisian line guarantees a range of luxurious and refined fragrances.

Fragrances for oneself or home fragrances, each creation is like a signature and leaves a unique and striking olfactory imprint.


Its creator envisages perfume for oneself as well as for the home, reinforcing the rarity of his approach.

Freeing himself from the codes and trends of the time, the artist disregarded conventions and returned to a practice almost forgotten since the end of World War II: giving his fragrances the name of a note, immediately identifiable and symbolizing an all-figurative interpretation of the world, at a time when abstract fragrances were more in vogue.

Among his creations are Mûre et Musc, which signed his first success and allowed the house to grow. The adventure continued until 1988, when he created the company. Maison Maître Parfumeur & Gantier. Today, the Parisian boutique is a unique showcase for his exceptional fragrances

founder, Jean-François Laporte

Jean-François Laporte, a chemical engineer by training, opened his first boutique, l'Artisan Parfumeur in Paris in 1976. He equipped the place with a small laboratory, giving himself a playground to let his creativity run free. He devotes himself to the composition of authentic fragrances, often imagined around a main note, with a gourmand and unfettered passion.

Laporte, an artist endowed with an exacerbated sensitivity, is an epicurean at heart: man likes to make good flesh and this greediness can be found in his way of sublimating raw materials, daring to use them sometimes to saturation. A fervent lover of absolutes, he will never cease to place them at the heart of uncompromising fragrances, like so many vibrant declarations to life: Rose Opulente, Jasmine and Tuberose symbolize his creativity and inalienable character. This audacity is also evident in his choice to emphasize materials such as celery, laurel and geranium to give birth to new fragrances.

Jean-François continues to exist through his perfumes, true testimonies of this colourful personality. Refined, surprising, vibrant... the Master Perfumer and Gantier fragrances are part of this heritage and touch the heart.

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