The brand

In the 1960s, Roger Delbôve, owner of Haute Coiffure salons, realized that skin and hair care are inseparable.

Dissatisfied with the products available on the market, Roger Delbôve and his wife Marion - a former employee of Helena Rubinstein - designed a treatment based on the principle of homeostasis. A treatment that allows the skin to regain its balance and natural functioning, without artifice, with medicinal plants and according to the masterful formulations of the pharmacopoeia.

In 1967, Delbôve Cream and Delbôve Water were created. A journalist testing the products declared that the result of this alchemy was "witchcraft"... Marion loved this description and baptized her Cream and Water... Witch!

The effectiveness and refinement of Delbôve formulas then spread throughout good European


Delbôve is a cosmetic brand pioneer in botanical care. It immerses the roots of its formulations in the power of phytotherapy and medicinal plants.

Since 1967, the Magic Ritual has been restoring the skin's natural functions and stimulating its spontaneous healing process.

The philosophy of the House of Delbôve proposes to reconnect with the skin, to return to the essence of its original functioning so that it reveals all its beauty. Their mission is to restore the balance of the skin's natural physiological process.

Delbôve preserves the know-how and unique formulas inherited from the 60s - noble, natural and organic ingredients - and transmits its values, that of respect for nature and the organic time of the skin.

As in the 60s, the emulsions contain little water and give pride of place to active ingredients. Not only are Delbôve formulas rich in active & botanical ingredients, but they are also present in very high concentrations. The plant hydrolates come from slow infusion methods.

Complex and effective formulas, all containing several medicinal plants, allow the skin to restore its balance and optimal functioning.

The ingredients are organically grown, the formulas contain no phenoxyethanol, no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oils, no SLA/SLES, no PEG. All Delbôve products are vegan and are only tested on friends and family!

Founders, Roger et Marion Delbôve, Gina Ansembourg

For 25 years, Gina d'Ansembourg has been an unconditional follower of Delbôve treatments, just like her husband and her family. Marion Delbôve, who gives her advice, is saddened by the little time she devotes to her facial care.

Under her influence, Gina discovers that the Magic Ritual is much more than a simple treatment: it is the full awareness of the gestures and time given to the skin, which fully participates in the radiance of her beauty.

At Marion's death, it seemed obvious and essential to perpetuate the Delbôve legacy; such incredible formulas cannot be forgotten.

In 2011, Gina d'Ansembourg will take over the brand with the greatest respect for the principle of its founders: authenticity.

She will open the Brussels flagship in 2013. Today, the magic of Delbôve skincare enchants the most confidential circles in the four corners of the world.