the brand

1952 - In a small enchanting country town in southern Italy - Sant'Elena Sannita, there was a desire to create great and important things. This entrepreneurial spirit characterized the Durante family in particular, who guided them to the city of Rome, the right place to achieve their goals. It is a family business, from parents to son, passion for the sense of smell, cultural context Devotion to essences Perfumes and emotions.

1954: the young people of Sant'Elena managed to make the most of their talent. And many sacrifices later, the bicycles were transformed into a shop where they began to display beard soap sold by weight, hair lotions and cologne.

Over the years, they acquired knowledge and expertise related to the world of perfumes to the point of defining their own olfactory style, which is so unique and innovative because it is made up of the olfactory experiences of the four siblings.


The philosophy of PRO FVMVM ROMA is to associate a smell with a déjà vu, an emotion, a memory that evokes sensations and moments of well-being that are often experienced only once. It is not a question of following fashion or advertising, but rather of following something that is part of each person's experience in order to rediscover the pleasure of déjà vu that is specific to each person by linking it to a fundamental sense of smell. Real extracts, our fragrances (43% concentrated) offer excellent hold on the skin, allowing a remarkable evolution of olfactory notes over the hours.

the founder, la famille Durante

When at the end of the Second World War, Celestino Durante, leaving behind him the vicissitudes of the conflict, returned . Together with Luisa, who had become his wife, he decided to leave for Rome. Like him, many of them left. Each one followed his path and his dreams, each one straddling a bicycle equipped with the means of the trade and setting out to roam the city from one end to the other. The years have passed and the names of these young people are now spread out in the most beautiful streets of Rome. The remouleurs of Sant'Elena are now the most important perfumers of the Eternal City. Celestino and Luisa are now grandparents and have entrusted the reins and the care of believing in them to Giuseppe, Luciano, Maria and Felice and to the new generation: Claudia, Valeria, Virginia, Giulia and Alessandro.