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1974, Polynesia: A first step towards the magic of scents...

The story of Comptoir Sud Pacifique perfume was born from the imagination of Pierre and Josée Fournier, two travel and adventure enthusiasts who, during their expeditions around the world, like explorers of olfaction, had the desire to transcribe the scents and colors they encountered on their way, starting with the scents of Polynesia.

Thus, they signed their first compositions, under the name of Comptoir Sud Pacifique, as figurative and sensory canvases, evocative of nature and memories. Collections whose fragrances color spirits and invite the magic of crossbreeding.

The brand's creator, guided by her fascination with the plant world and the richness offered by natural materials, has been able to cultivate and awaken the refined and captivating heritage of the brand while bringing a touch of character and enthusiasm that is specific to her Italian origins.

Thus, for over forty years, Comptoir Sud Pacifique has astonished, fascinated and brought together all dreamers and lovers of escape, exoticism and moments captured around a contemporary vision of French perfumery. A coquetry that this independent House claims and affirms in all its olfactory strolls!


Today, the brand is asserting its expertise in raw materials through some thirty fragrances in 6 major olfactory families (floral, oriental, gourmand, citrus, woody and marine).

She continues to offer her interpretation of the most distant places through collections of eaux de parfum and eaux de toilette that she naturally calls "eaux de voyage".

Created with passion and artisanal finesse, each eau de parfum or eau de toilette represents a destination, a visa that is stamped on the skin for a surprising journey with each note.

Each olfactory pyramid is not very complex. This is a characteristic, an olfactory bias, that distinguishes Comptoir Sud Pacifique's creations.

Creations resulting from the collaboration with Henri Bergia (Expressions Parfumées), Dorothée Piot (Robertet), Sophie Behaghel (Flair), Violaine Collas (Mane), Sidonie Lanceseur (Robertet), Manuelle Juillard (Sozio), and Thomas Fontaine (Pallida).


The fascination for the vegetable world, the interest for the richness of natural materials, spontaneously lead Valérie Pianelli- Guichard to follow studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Her scientific profile, complemented by a solid economic background, enabled her to join one of the major cosmetics laboratories: the Pierre Fabre Group, whose philosophy "Nature at the service of beauty" permeates her entire career!

With her professional experience in the industrial world and with a great desire to be an entrepreneur, when the perfect opportunity presents itself, at the end of 2011, this young 40 year old starts to buy Comptoir Sud Pacifique.

"Comptoir Sud Pacifique had been falling asleep since the early 2000s... The sleeping beauty was just begging to be awakened. "

His project was to rediscover the refined heritage of Comptoir Sud Pacifique, its creativity, this tremendous feeling of freedom to cultivate its difference, this spirit of audacity and originalité́ inseparable quality.

Then, in a second phase, to offer the brand and its loyal consumers a springboard of expression with a Parisian boutique where crossbreeding takes on its full meaning.

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