the brand

Le Labo fragrances was born in Grasse, France and raised in New York, USA.

Le Labo stands for ‘the lab’ in French. Each of our boutiques functions like an open artisanal laboratory designed as an entertainment park for the nose where people can take the time to smell and touch raw ingredients in order to awake their olfactory system and trigger emotions. We freshly hand-blend our fragrances to the order and each label is personalized with the date and place of the formulation as well as a message chosen by our client.

Available only in our Boutique Parfumerie.


Creating soulful Beauty with Care through our craft of slow perfumery is the heartbeat of our company.

We work with a community of craftswomen and craftsmen who shape our world: the flowers harvesters, the local family farms, the candle hand-pourers, the reclaimed wood artisans, the perfumers etc.

The core of our collection is our 18 genderless perfumes and 5 soy-based wax candles, but we also offer sensorial formulas for body, hair, face as well as a grooming line.

The creators

Influenced by their experiences and the philosophy of "Wabi Sabi"; the art of eternal movement and beauty in imperfection, Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi created Le Labo in 2006. They have nothing more to say about themselves so the only line you will find on their CVs is Le Labo.

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