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For over 50 years, the family-owned company Leonor Greyl has been selecting the best active ingredients of natural origin to create hair care products with exceptional results. Thanks to their unique and in-depth knowledge of botany, the founding couple Leonor and Jean-Marie Greyl quickly rose to the forefront of innovation. A tailor-made and eco-responsible approach well ahead of its time, which is in line with a certain vision of beauty that is typically French, as refined as it is demanding, while keeping at heart to combine efficiency and simplicity of use.

A responsible and committed brand

For the depollution of the oceans alongside "The Sea Cleaners" and "Coiffeurs Justes", for the protection of bees with "Un Toit pour les Abeilles", for the recycling of tubes and aerosols in our Institute via "La Collecte du Coiffeur", for the education of young girls with the association "Toutes à l'École". Finally, against animal testing with the "Leaping Bunny" label.

The concept

Partner of the most prestigious spas

and the secret of top models and the darling of specialists Combining gentleness and effectiveness, the products have become iconic treatments such as Leonor Greyl Oil, Flower Cream, Bamboo Marrow Cream Shampoo and Sublimating Silk Serum, all of which are found in the bathrooms of beauty journalists and influencers around the world. These products make hair more shiny, more supple and more beautiful, making Leonor Greyl the undisputed specialist in natural hair care.

The founders

A family passion

The story of LeonorGreyld began with the meeting of two passionate people: Leonor, enamored with the beauty and health of hair, and Jean-Marie Greyl, an engineer and botany enthusiast.

In 1968, the idea of creating hair care products based on plants and natural active ingredients was born: the LEONOR GREYL line, an avant-garde concept. Leonor demanded natural care and formulas, both in its Institute and for its products. Leonor and Jean-Marie Greyl were pioneers and visionaries, using nature's most precious ingredients to care for, repair, beautify and enhance hair.

In 1994, Caroline Greyl, the only daughter of Leonor and Jean-Marie, joined the adventure to develop exports and took over the company as president in 2001. Her husband, David

Thomas Brooks, of American nationality, succeeded Jean-Marie Greyl as Director of Research and Development in 2002.

The company's philosophy is still based on a scrupulous selection of all its sources of supply in order to provide its customers around the world with high quality ingredients of natural origin. Today, family passion, nature and integrity remain the values of this beautiful company.

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