The brand

The first high-end, natural brand for children

Enfance Paris is a range of organic, entirely natural skincare products that are perfectly suited to the specific skincare needs from birth to the early stages of adolescence. A pioneer, Enfance Paris is the first brand to take into account the skin’s needs depending on age. This means that each ingredient has been carefully chosen for the benefits it provides according to the age of each child. Gone are the superfluous ingredients, the brand only offers clean products with short formulas, that respect the epidermis and are as effective as possible.

Skin is an organ that is closely linked to the intestines from the time in the womb, and both organs continue to form after birth! Consequently, a newborn baby does not present the same problems as a 10-year-old child. What they do have in common is that they are delicate, sensitive, and fragile. This is why Enfance Paris has done all it can to ensure that quality is guaranteed. Enfance Paris skincare products are aimed at all children, girls, and boys.


Bringing common sense back to children’s hygiene was a priority from the start. Enfance Paris therefore offers extremely high-quality hygiene products with short, delicate formulas. Just as we pay attention to our food by eating organic, seasonal, local products, we should pay attention to what we put on our skin. The packaging is graphical and luxurious by design: a cosmetic product is not a toy; it is a serious matter.

Skin is precious and needs to be cared for. Under the guidance of their parents, children must acquire good skin care habits using safe products as early as possible. Natural fragrances from plants or flowers are different for each formula based on their benefits for the skin and hair.

Agnès Laffourcade, founder

Founder, Agnès Laffourcade is well aware of these woes as she has always had atopic skin. When her daughter was born, she realised that her baby had the same issues. After extensive research into how to relieve her suffering, she found that no product on the market either suited or reassured her. She then confided in a family friend, a researcher in phytocosmetics and phytochemistry, affectionately known as ‘the Druid’. He gave her a very sophisticated botanical recipe to concoct a treatment … but not everyone is a druid. Agnès asked him to take care of the remedy and quickly suggested they work together. Thanks to their determination and knowledge, the first soaps were created at the end of 2014. Enfance Paris was born.