the brand

Fragrance Du Bois is an exclusive niche perfume house specialized in Oud fragrances. The brand combines Arabic craft heritage with authentic French perfumery.

Fragrance Du Bois is the only perfume house to use its own signature 100% pure and natural Oud with the promise of using sustainable and natural perfume oils and extracts from around the world.

The brand chooses to collaborate with only the very best in the industry, and that’s why the perfume collections have evolved over the years, gaining global notoriety and blazing a trail in the world of fragrance. Something truly magical happens when the leaders in their field combine to share their gift, passion and creative vision. That something is Fragrance Du Bois.

Step inside our fragrance empire and discover for yourself the very best of of Arabian, Modern Contemporary and Classical French artistic perfumery.

the Concept

Born in nature, crafted in France. The promise of Fragrance Du Bois, is to use only 100% pure, sustainable and the highest quality natural perfume oils and extracts from sustainable sources around the world.

This exclusive perfume house believes in working with and supporting master perfumers, this brings a variety and depth to the collections seldom found. The brand works with the same perfumers from day one who also not only create our perfumes but supply the perfume concentrate oils which guarantees consistency and quality with no change to the formulations.


In the DNA of the brand you can feel that durable development plays a crucial role. You can experience the finest sustainably sourced, pure perfume oils and allow our exquisite aromas to envelop you in a potent cloud of promise and passion.

Sustainable Oud. All Oud fragrances contain 100% pure organic vintage oud oil from sustainable sources. The oil is aged for several years before being used in the perfumes. All packaging (boxes, cartons and sleeves) are made of fully recyclable or biodegradable and sustainably certified paper. You won’t find any plastic or cellophane blister Packs on any of their products.

Cruelty Free. They never test any of our products or their ingredients on animals, nor do we commission or condone any such testing to be done on our behalf.

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