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myBlend was created with a mission in mind: to meet the expectations of today’s women in a personalised manner. Because its vision of beauty is global, it capitalises on the power of synergies – nutri + derma + tech – to deliver a new beauty experience.

Highly concentrated products without compromising on effectiveness, sensory qualities, or respect. A new vision of beauty that combines made-to-measure care, derma technology and a holistic approach to beauty. At the forefront of the latest cosmetic innovations, it fosters a vision of useful, authentic, and responsible luxury.


Uncompromising high standards: Personalised and global – Responsible and dedicated – Essential and specialist. myBlend is uncompromisingly rigorous: for your skin, for the planet, and in the way it behaves and acts.

Clean & Sensorial Beauty: no controversial chemical ingredients are present in our formulas. They are free of paraben, mineral oils, sulphate, EDTA, phenoxyethanol, BHT, phthalates, and volatile silicone. Composed of 90% natural ingredients, a myBlend product is always clean, without compromising on the sensory qualities or satisfaction when applying it.

High concentration, high tolerance: Highly concentrated in reference molecules, the formulas stimulate the skin’s natural defences and ensure maximum effectiveness. Without compromising the skin’s tolerance threshold, they respect your skin microbiota and guarantee optimal safety.

founder, Dr. Olivier Courtin

In 2007, after many years of work, the founder of myBlend, Dr Olivier Courtin noticed that the healing of his patients’ skin depended less on their age than on their lifestyle. Nutrition, sport, sleep, emotional state, and the environment all appeared to be key elements in skin regeneration. At the same time, the surgeon was working on peptides, the amino acid chains that compose the proteins in our bodies and have the ability to revive and stimulate the natural mechanisms already present within us.

Convinced that environment and lifestyle are the main factors that contribute to skin ageing and that our body has the capacity to regenerate itself, he decided to create a new custom-made beauty brand. He brought together a team of specialists to imagine a new global beauty ritual and care products with maximum effectiveness.

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