The brand

Unomismo - essence of emotions

The perfume. This millennial liquid, which man has worn to commune with the gods, to heal or to seduce. Liquide Sentimental is an invitation to rediscover the primordial power of perfume. Pure emotion.

To feel existing. Perfume is a subtle alchemy of fluids and raw materials, in a unique formula with infinite possibilities that revives the heart and touches the soul. The Liquid transports us, outside of time and space. In a memory that we thought was forgotten, with a loved one, in a distant land. In an intense feeling, or a daydream of which only the imagination is the limit. Each olfactory journey is unique. You create the destination.

Wearing Unomismo means daring to experience being yourself. Like a declaration of love, to share in your wake.

The values

Singularity: Emotions are universal. Just like our perfumes. They have been designed to enhance your singularity. They are genderless and timeless.

Passion: Perfume is our constant passion. Our vocation is to transmit it to you. We have thought of your experience down to the smallest detail.

Quality: To offer you the best, we have surrounded ourselves with carefully chosen experts in their field.

Share: It is no coincidence that the accords of our perfumes are surprising and their names evocative. We want our liquids to arouse curiosity, start discussions and create a bond.

Founder, Antonio Garcia

Unomismo was created by Antonio Garcia, artist at heart and passionate about perfumes. From childhood, Antonio was lulled by smells. He was always eager to discover, with curiosity, the perfumes from his father's collection. He still fondly remembers the exact moment he decided that one day he would run his own brand.

Wearing a perfume to his nose, he found himself, fifteen years earlier, on a Balinese beach. The exotic scent of frangipani flowers, sea spray, his father's cologne. He relived with intensity the emotions of this distant journey. The extraordinary power contained in this vial fascinated him.

This born entrepreneur evolved in the world of cooking and photography where his sense of aesthetics and his human qualities combined to offer a unique experience to his customers.

With Unomismo, Antonio reveals his vision of a modern, sensitive perfumery that reconnects us to what is most precious, the feeling of being alive, of feeling.

"If I manage to bring people together, that relationships are created thanks to my perfumes, I would have won everything."