The Brand

L'ODAÏTÈS® advocates beauty based on apothecary know-how and the extraordinary power of precious substances extracted from desert plants, while ensuring the protection of our biodiversity and the environment.

Each treatment is made in the spirit of a feast in homage to DAÏTÈS, the Greek god inventor of feasting.

Thanks to a craftsman's approach and remarkable natural substances, L'ODAÏTÈS® has developed a range of exceptional skin care products, made in France, that will magnify your skin and awaken your sensory memory.


ODAÏTÈS® was born of the desire to return to the roots and the very essence of cosmetic care: the nobility of ingredients, the efficiency of active ingredients and the sensual pleasure of the senses. Drawing on their pharmaceutical expertise, the founders have succeeded in preserving extraction techniques that ensure that active plant substances are highly assimilated by the skin and that our formulations have a powerful and synergistic action.

The selection of ingredients is then carried out using their trained eye and intimate knowledge of the land to find the right variety and quality of plant in sufficient quantity and at the right time.

The treatments are made with active ingredients preserved in their purest and noblest form to give them the best in effectiveness and sensoriality. The formulas are designed in a stripped-down way to keep only the essential.

The foundresses


Initiated from childhood to the virtues of flora and rich in pharmaceutical know-how, the three sisters have endeavoured to highlight the "real" materials, the complexity of the ointment, the right amount of time to accomplish all the meticulous phases of elaboration... a way of honouring the substance, celebrating the pleasure of the senses and reconnecting with the love of a job well done

Their motto:
"We believe that any product applied or absorbed by the body should be healthy and nutritious."