The brand

Headspace. originally stands for "Mental Space of the Imagination". It also refers to a technique developed in the 1970s that uses a probe to capture the fragrant molecules of a fresh flower and patiently reconstruct its smell.

Reinventing life identically by capturing the smells that surround us. This is the crazy idea behind the analysis technology invented by Swiss chemist Roman Kaiser and introduced to the perfume industry in the 1970s. Initially, the idea was for a few adventurous researchers to trap the volatile molecules of rare plants without having to pick them, and to reconstitute them.

The main contribution of headspace is to have made new scents available to perfumers, not only those of so-called 'mute' flowers (whose scent could not be obtained using traditional extraction techniques), but also other more unexpected and poetic scents: a fruit, a vegetable, a stone, a place, an environment, the ultra-pure air of Iceland or the scent of a rose grown in space.

The Concept

Perfumers have dreamt of it, as poets did before them, succeeding through sheer determination in capturing the elusive, fragile emotion of the moment. With the help of science, the most talented perfumers have achieved what seemed impossible: to enter the remote regions of the psyche (headspace) and ignite the trace of a moment in life that nothing will ever erase again, a headspace of pure emotion.

Perfume is no longer a simple object of seduction, trivialised by its monomaniacal function, it becomes something far more exciting and ambitious too: The living scent of life captured in the moment. A glimpse of eternity.

The designer, Nicolas Chabot

A man of humour and conviviality, he belongs to the small cenacle of those who see their dreams not in colours but in smells. Indifferent to fashions and codes, he has a gourmet curiosity, an intuitive knowledge of perfume and an absolute pleasure in taking the high road.

After taking over Le Galion (2014), a sleeping beauty revitalised by a contemporary imagination, he imagined (almost in mirror image) Aether (2016), a conceptual brand that raises his love of raw materials to the highest level, whether they come from nature or chemistry, without distinction or hierarchy. With Headpsace, he has achieved the perfect synthesis of two worlds: science and poetry. You might have guessed it: with him, the dreamer and the researcher are organically linked.

In order to breathe a little closer to the spirit of the times, this stimulator of the imagination likes to design olfactory signatures for brands or places. As long as it involves scents and emotions, the imagination of this unrepentant dreamer has no timetable.