the brand

Because perfume is the empire of the senses.

Parfum d’Empire, perfume of conquests: romantic conquests, spiritual conquests, internal conquests. Through Parfum d'Empire, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato seeks to restore the erotic and the sacred, the original purpose of perfume that exists in every culture. All his fragrances are designed with a focus on seduction and spirituality, representing the deepest meaning, the original essence of perfume.


More of a lasting mark than a trail

A physical, intrepid, baroque perfume house. Characterised by its generous use of the finest raw materials with a strong character. Powerful yet well-balanced compositions in the great French tradition. A radical, personal style for those who are not afraid to leave their mark.

Créateur, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato

Originally from Corsica, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato was born in Morocco. He grew up between his parents' citrus groves and the Corsican maquis, in the family home in the village of Cuttoli Corticchiato. Marc-Antoine began his professional career in a research laboratory focusing on the analysis of perfume plants and their extraction methods. Parfum d'Empire is one of the few brands where the perfumer is also the owner, giving him true artistic autonomy. His fragrances are contemporary yet age-old stories told on the skin.