The Brand

Tan-Luxe was founded on one idea: if you can customise your makeup, why not your tan?

The brand tossed out the tanning “rulebook” and changed the way self-tans are developed by completely revolutionising how they’re used – all for the good of the glow.

Taking a customisable, skincare-led approach, it puts you in total control of your glow. Non-toxic, cruelty-free formulations with natural tanning actives integrate seamlessly into your life and luxe skincare regime to give you the cleanest, most flawless glow ever.


For Tan-Luxe, clean tanning means creating products that are innovative in formulation, application and end-result.

The brand works to ensure full traceability of everything that goes into each and every product they make. One of their mottos sums it up perfectly: “if we aren’t totally obsessed with what we’re creating, then we don’t do it.

It’s that simple.”

- Their vegan, cruelty-free formulas are infused with skin-loving ingredients + natural tanning actives and free from chemicals of concern.

- They created our own molecule, Triple Tan Technology, which reacts with your unique skin-tone to deliver a natural, customisable glow.

- Exclusive, crystal clear formulations deliver flawless results with zero transfer onto sheets or clothing.

The Founder, Marc Elrick

Tan-Luxe Founder and CEO, Marc Elrick identified that clients in his hair salon had great hair, great make-up, but a less than great self-tan. So, Marc began researching ways to deliver a natural looking, sunkissed self-tan, putting you in total control of your glow.

After five years of research, development, focus groups and 1000’s of submissions to our in-house lab, Tan-Luxe was born, and we’ve been glowing ever since!