General sales conditions

The terms and conditions of sale on the site are valid for purchases made via Senteurs d’Ailleurs online sales site Via the online sales site, Senteurs d’Ailleurs mainly sells high-perfumery and high-cosmetic products. Terms and conditions of sale are available in French, Dutch and English.

1. Identification of parties

Within the framework of the General Conditions of Sale, the terms ‘seller’, ‘us’ or ‘Senteurs d'Ailleurs’ refer to the Belgian company SRL Senteurs d’Ailleurs.

Place of Business and Delivery Address

Senteurs d’Ailleurs s.r.l.
Place Stéphanie, 1A/3
B-1050 Brussels

Tél +32 (02) 511 69 69
Fax +32 (02) 502 58 43

E-mail Perfumery:
E-mail Cosmetics :

Head Office and Administrative Issues
Senteurs d'Ailleurs s.r.l.
Rue de Stassart 131
B-1050 Brussels

Tél +32 (02) 513 87 70
Fax +32 (02) 502 58 43


TVA Intracommunautaire BE 0460.475.430
Banque Carrefour des Entreprises under number 460.475.430.

Within the framework of the General Conditions of Sale, the terms ‘buyer’ or ‘you’ refer to the person placing the order. The seller has the right to request that the buyer provide certain information (full name, address, head office, VAT number, the identity, and powers of its representatives, etc.). If a private individual places an order in the name of a company, the company has an obligation to the seller, even if the private individual did not have the necessary powers, and, furthermore, the private individual remains personally liable in relation to the seller for duly fulfilling all obligations arising from the contract. The buyer declares they have the necessary full legal capacity.

2. Website hosting

The website is hosted by the company Fast Comet and has been realised by the agency Mc Arnolds.

3. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Sale

All offers, orders, order confirmations, sales, and deliveries of items via the Senteurs d’Ailleurs Website are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, unless the parties agree to derogate from them.

The seller can update the Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time. You can see the current version of the Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time by clicking on the link. The version of the Terms and Conditions of Sale in effect at the time the order is placed will apply to the order once they are accepted. Any changes to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale that occur after the order was placed will only apply to future orders.

4. Conclusion du contrat

The contract is deemed to have been concluded when the order is finalised in the seller’s computer system.

5. How to order items

The website allows you to order a selection of products sold by Senteurs d’Ailleurs online. In order to purchase a product for the first time, the buyer must log in by opening a customer account and filling out an order form specifying certain required fields so that their selection can be considered by the seller.

All the necessary steps for ordering are specified on the website. For each product selected on the website, a summary page will automatically be displayed, showing a photo of the item, its features and references, the chosen quantity, the unit price and the total price of your order.

Once the order is confirmed, it will be sent to the seller for processing (see Article 7: ‘Order confirmation’). While all efforts are made to ensure that the outer features of Senteurs d’Ailleurs’ products that are displayed on the website are faithful to the original products, variations may occur, particularly due to technical colour-rendering limits on your computer equipment. Consequently, the seller cannot be held responsible for errors or inaccuracies in relation to the colour or patterns in photographs or graphical representations of Senteurs d’Ailleurs’ products featured on the website.

Before definitively validating their order, the buyer will be able to check the details, the total price and to correct possible errors, before confirming it. The seller reserves the right to cancel any order from a buyer with whom it is in dispute over a previous order, or if the seller reasonably believes that the buyer has violated the Terms and Conditions of Sale or has engaged in fraudulent activity, or for any other legitimate reason. For any exceptional order, the buyer is requested to contact the Senteurs d’Ailleurs Customer Service, either by e-mail at, or by telephone on +32 2 513 87 70.

6. Availability of items

Our product offers and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the website, within the limit of available stocks. In this context, indications as to the availability of the products may be provided when you place your order. Errors or modifications may sometimes occur, particularly in the case of simultaneous orders of the same product by several buyers. If a product is unavailable after you have placed your order, we will inform you by e-mail or telephone as soon as possible, giving you the possibility to either order another item or cancel your order. If you choose to cancel your order and your bank account has been debited, you will be refunded within thirty days of payment at the latest. The seller will not be liable in the event of stock shortages or unavailable products.

The seller reserves the right to change the items offered on the website at any time and without notice.

7. Order confirmation

At the end of the ordering process, you will be asked to click on the ‘Confirm your order’ button. Once confirmed, your order will be transferred to Senteurs d’Ailleurs to be processed. It may only be modified or cancelled under the conditions expressly provided for in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale or under the conditions provided for by the law in force. Confirming your order implies that you accept all the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Once the buyer has confirmed their order, Senteurs d’Ailleurs will acknowledge receipt of the order by electronic means without undue delay. The acknowledgement of receipt including a summary of your order will be sent to you by e-mail.
Unless proven otherwise, the data recorded by the website constitutes proof of all transactions between the seller and the buyer. In the event of a dispute concerning a transaction carried out on the Website, the data recorded by Senteurs d’Ailleurs is, in the absence of proof to the contrary, considered as proof of the details of the transaction.

8. Price and payment conditions

Senteurs d’Ailleurs product prices are indicated in euros, and include all customs duties, VAT and other taxes but do not include delivery costs. The total of your order includes delivery charges depending on the shipping method chosen (see the articles below ‘Shipping and Delivery’). Apart from delivery costs, the prices of the Senteurs d’Ailleurs products themselves may vary according to the buyer’s residence and/or the delivery address requested by the buyer. The products are invoiced based on the prices displayed on the website at the time the order is confirmed, subject to the availability of the products ordered at that time. Any order placed on the website must be paid for immediately after confirmation of the order.

We only accept payment by bank credit card. All orders are payable in euros. Accepted credit cards are Master Card and Visa. Your order will only be shipped after your payment method has been checked. Your credit card will only be debited when your order is shipped. If certain items ordered are not available (see Article 6 above ‘Availability’), only the price and transport costs relating to the available products will be charged.

The buyer assures the seller that they are the cardholder and that the name appearing on the bank card or credit card to be debited is their own. In a secure online environment, they then enter the 16-digit number, the expiry date and, where applicable, the card security code on the back of their bank card. In order to combat Internet fraud, checks with the competent banking institutions and organisations will be carried out online via the Ogone system (hereinafter ‘the payment company’).
This company will be responsible for the storage and automated processing, in a secure environment, of information relating to each order including credit card details. Furthermore, information relating to orders is subject to automated data processing for which the payment company is responsible. This automated data processing is used to define a level of analysis for a transaction and to fight against fraud.

The payment company and the seller are the recipients of the data relating to all orders. The non-transmission of order-related data prevents the completion and analysis of the corresponding transaction.

The occurrence of an unpaid order following fraudulent use of a bank card may result in the details relating to the order associated with the non-payment being recorded in a ‘Payment Incidents’ file. False declarations or irregularities may also be subject to specific processing. The buyer has a right to access, rectify, and oppose all their personal data at any time by writing to Senteurs d’Ailleurs, rue de Stassart 131, 1050 Brussels, providing proof of their identity. If, for any reason whatsoever (opposition, refusal by the issuing centre), it is impossible to debit the sums due by the buyer, the sale made via the website will immediately be cancelled, as will the purchasing process.

9. Reservation of Ownership

Products ordered remain the property of the seller until they receive full payment of the price. In the event of a payment incident, the buyer undertakes to return the products received to Senteurs d’Ailleurs, upon the first request. The buyer bears the risks concerning the delivered products (in particular loss, theft or deterioration of the products due to any cause and/or the damage they may have caused) from the effective date of delivery.

10. Delivery

For information concerning delivery conditions, visit our delivery page.

11. Returns/exchanges

For the returns procedure, visit our returns page.

12. Compliance - Warranty

Upon delivery, the buyer must ensure that the articles delivered correspond to their order. The products sold on the website are subject to legal warranty conditions. The seller is bound by the warranty concerning hidden defects that render the item sold unfit for the usual use for which it is intended, or diminishes that use in such a way that the buyer would not have bought it, or would only have paid a lower price, if they had known about them  . If the product is non-compliant or faulty, the seller can freely choose between replacing the product, repairing it, or offering a discount, excluding damages. The seller is entitled to replace or repair the product several times in succession. The buyer can only demand a discount or cancellation of the contract after several unsuccessful replacements or repairs.

Warranties no longer apply in the event of abnormal use, treatment or handling of the product or in the event of use, treatment or handling of the product that is contrary to the product guidelines or the instructions provided by the seller .

13. Limitation of liability

Under no circumstances can the seller be held liable for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages that result from the purchase of products on the Senteurs d’Ailleurs website. The seller can only be held liable, whether in tort or contract, for direct damage caused to the buyer or any other person as a result of fraud (fraudulent misrepresentation) committed by the seller, subject to the mandatory provisions of the Belgian law of 25 February 1991 on liability for defective products.

14. Claims – Information

For all information, claims, complaints or questions relating to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, customers should contact Senteurs d’Ailleurs’ Aftersales Service, address, telephone, e-mail, mentioning their order number where applicable.

15. Force majeure

Fulfilment of the seller’s obligations in full or in part will be suspended in the case of a fortuitous event or force majeure that would hinder or delay them. These include, but are not limited to, wars, riots, demonstrations, social unrest, pandemics, and health crises, strikes of all kinds and problems in supplying the seller.

16. Dispute Resolution – Applicable Law

Les Conditions Générales de Vente sont régies et interprétées conformément au droit belge. En cas de litige, les tribunaux de Bruxelles (Belgique) sont seuls compétents.

17.  Right of withdrawal

You have the right to withdraw from this contract without giving a reason within fourteen days. The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day on which you, or a third party designated by you, other than the carrier, takes physical possession of the item. If your order includes several items that are delivered separately, this period expires 14 days after the day on which you, or a third party designated by you, other than the carrier, takes physical possession of the last item.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw from this contract by means of a clearly worded statement (for example, a letter sent by post, fax or e-mail to Senteurs d’Ailleurs SRL, rue de Stassart, 131-1050 Brussels, by fax +32 2 502 58 43 or by e-mail

You can also complete and submit the model withdrawal form or any other clearly worded statement via our website If you choose this method, we will immediately send acknowledgement, in a durable medium (e.g. by e-mail), that we have received the withdrawal. For the withdrawal period to be honoured, simply send your statement exercising the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period expires.

The right of withdrawal only applies if:

  • Sealed products have not been unsealed or opened ;
  • Products are complete and in their original packaging ;
  • lProducts have been kept somewhere dry away from light, heat, and damp ;
  • lThe invoice is with the product

Consequences of withdrawal

If you withdraw from this agreement, we will refund all payments received from you, including delivery charges (except for any additional charges arising from your own choice of a delivery method other than the cheaper standard method that we offer where applicable) without undue delay and, in any event, within fourteen days from the day on which we are informed of your decision to withdraw. We will refund you using the same payment method that you used for the initial transaction unless you expressly agree to a different method. In any case, this refund will not incur any cost to you.

We will defer the refund until we have received the goods or until you have provided proof of shipment of the goods, the chosen date being the one that comes first. You should return the goods to Senteurs d’Ailleurs s.r.l., rue de Stassart, 131–1050 Brussels, without undue delay and, in any case, 14 days at the latest after informing us of your decision to withdraw from this agreement. This deadline is deemed to have been met if you return the goods before the end of the fourteen-day period. You will bear the direct costs of returning the goods.

Please only complete and return this form if you wish to withdraw from the agreement.

  • Senteurs d’Ailleurs srl, rue de Stassart, 131 – 1050 Bruxelles, by e-mail
  • I hereby notify you of my withdrawal from the contract for the sale of the goods below:
    • Ordered on (…) and received on (…)
    • Client’s name:
    • Client’s address:
    • Client’s signature (only if this form is notified in paper form):
    • Date :

18. Intellectual property rightse

The ‘Senteurs d’Ailleurs’ brand, along with all brands, illustrations, images and logos featured on Senteurs d’Ailleurs items and all intellectual property rights associated with Senteurs d’Ailleurs articles, their expertise, accessories and packaging, whether or not they are registered, are and remain the exclusive property of Senteurs d’Ailleurs or their respective assignees. Any total or partial reproduction, modification or use of these brands, illustrations, images, etc. for any purpose and on any medium whatsoever, without the express prior consent of Senteurs d’Ailleurs, is strictly forbidden.

This is also the case for copyright, drawings, models, and patents that are the property of the seller.

19. Samples boxes

Customised and themed sample boxes are a service reserved exclusively for online sales. They are prepared on demand when ordering online. Personalised and thematic samples boxes are prepared on request. When a box is ordered and prepared, it is not possible to exchange or return it if the client makes a mistake, for example, in the choice of perfume to be added to the box. If the box was damaged during transit, a product return form must be completed. In this case, we will cancel the voucher and send a new box. Beforehand, we will check that the voucher has not already been used.

Vouchers are only valid for a duration of one from the day of the order, for products presented in the samples box for perfumes, eau de toilette and eau de parfum of at least 100 ml. If the fragrance does not exist in a 100 ml minimum format, it is possible to obtain a 50 ml version.

Vouchers cannot be combined with each other. For example, you cannot buy a product with two vouchers from two different sample boxes