Our Philosophy

Beyond the secret

Beauty is an endless enigma. Yet, if its aura, shrouded in mystery, raises the greatest questions, its great history reminds us that it isn’t irrational magic, but a science of sensitivity. By getting to know the sense of smell and touch, the art of beauty promises a unique experience and a reflection that is as aesthetic as it is philosophical.

This map of sensations brings together each element in a single space under the evocative name: Senteurs d’Ailleurs. The journey takes place within an architectural showcase, with every nook and cranny revealing a new secret, a new colour, new stories. In this unprecedented library, beauty is knowledge that scholars carefully and respectfully share. It’s your turn to become an initiate.

While beauty is associated with the essence of being, the fragrance acts as an indicator, a sensory imprint, that reveals deeply buried memories while contemplating the complexity of a personality.

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Our Manifesto

  • Excellence, exclusivity and rarity
  • Tailored service and relevant advice
  • Very high-quality selection
  • Return to the essence of scents

Who are we?


The Haute Parfumerie area is a space dedicated to designer fragrances, rare ranges and exclusive labels. Today, the connoisseur of beautiful fragrances is looking for something unique and natural, combined with excellence, either in service or knowledge of the products offered. By adopting the opposite approach to traditional perfumery, you will find niche brands that can only be found in one place in Brussels, or even Belgium.

The Haute Cosmétique area, is an extension of this beauty expertise to include the art of treatment. The choice of skin care partners is based on the same criteria of excellence, personalised advice and product quality.

Senteurs d’Ailleurs has a highly specialised team, real experts who are aware of the path to follow to your unique fragrance or the treatment that will magnify your beauty. It is a comprehensive concept that unfolds among all the facets in the quest for total well-being.

Haute Parfumerie Manager
Haute Cosmétique Manager
Make up Arstit & Haute Cosmétique adviser
Haute Parfumerie Adviser
Haute Parfumerie Adviser
Make up Artiste & Haute Cosmétique adviser
Esthetician beauty institute
Esthetician beauty institute
Haute Cosmétique Adviser
Haute Cosmétique Adviser
Esthetician beauty institute
Make up artist & Haute Cosmetique adviser
Haute Parfumerie Adviser
Haute Parfumerie Adviser