Philosykos Gel mains & corps


Philosykos Gel mains & corps


Remembrance of a Greek summer on Mount Pelion.

To get to the sea, you had to cross a natural orchard of wild fig trees.

The sun at its zenith warmed the earth, the dry wind carried with it the scent of the trees and fruits.

Philosykos is an ode to the whole fig tree: the green freshness of the leaves, the density of the white wood, the milky taste of figs.

Its formula: The perfume gel becomes in contact with water an incredibly light and silky washing foam. Enriched with shea butter, it softens the skin while perfuming it. The notes of the fragrance reveal themselves with intensity as if the whole body were plunged into the heart of the perfume. This perfume gel will embalm the whole bathroom, like an invitation to travel...

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Each order is unique and we always take great pleasure in preparing them with the utmost care. For orders above 150€ in the Benelux, we do not charge delivery costs.

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The story

Born in exuberant, ebullient Saint Germain, Paris, in 1961 Diptyque is a creator of singular perfumes for the self and the home, scented skincare products, desirable decorative objects and olfactory stories that set the imagination free. Striking a balance between reverie and reality, Diptyque extends an invitation to this rich, evocative universe this interplay of fragrance, illustration and mesmerising graphism in which are distilled memories of places loved or dreamed of, of moments lived, of journeys shared.

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