Brume d'huile corporelle aux graines de jojoba et de fleurs bio


Brume d'huile corporelle aux graines de jojoba et de fleurs bio


This oil mist for the body is composed of nourishing organic vegetable oils with softening virtues. It combines jojoba oil with organic flower seeds for a delicious moment of well-being. Its delicate fragrance with floral notes leaves a satin veil on your skin.

The moisturizing body mist is a cosmetic product designed to moisturize the skin. It comes in the form of a spray and contains a moisturizing oil. The oil allows to nourish and to hydrate the skin in depth, while the mist will deposit a hydrating veil on the surface of the skin.

This oil mist is very easy to use. It is formulated with over 50% organic golden jojoba oil.

Golden jojoba oil is the "pure" form of jojoba oil. This unrefined, cold-pressed oil has a beautiful golden hue, hence the name. It is one of the most naturally absorbent moisturizing oils, as it is structurally and chemically similar to the sebum produced by humans.

Our mist sprays on and applies effortlessly. It has a non-sticky finish and will leave your skin soft and moisturized.

210 ML

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The story

Each order is unique and we always take great pleasure in preparing them with the utmost care. For orders above 150€ in the Benelux, we do not charge delivery costs.

For the delivery conditions for other countries, follow this link, in order to know the shipping rates. For deliveries outside Europe, please contact our e-shop service at the following e-mail address: sales@senteursdailleurs.com.

The story

The brand offers a complete range of organic and natural skin care products, mainly for the face.
Inspired by the layering beauty ritual, all their facial treatments follow this routine to provide hydration and protection to the facial skin. As all skins are not the same and do not have the same needs, they strive to offer as many variations of their products as possible.
For each product, they carefully choose the ingredients for their virtues. Through a fermentation process, they preserve and develop the benefits of their ingredients.
Letting their ingredients ferment improves the effectiveness of their products.

The quality of their products lies in the years of research and development of their scientists and experts in natural cosmetics.
For the past 17 years they have been closely involved in the topics of fermentation, water-free cosmetics production and natural preservation.
Their research team aims to develop natural and certified cosmetic products of authentic organic quality, but also to positively influence the natural cosmetics market and enrich it with future-oriented products.

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